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Any RV window (thermal pane or not) is somewhat subjected to condensation/ moisture build up during relatively cold weather occupancy if air circulation is interrupted. What you need is to initiate a condensation/ moisture control procedure.

Most common sources for the moisture build up in RV;
a) Using the shower. Probably the worst, even with the vent fan running.
b) An open flame on the cookstove top, even if you didn't cook anything. Cooking anything even adds more. The byproduct of combustion, besides heat, is...water vapor.
c) Human and pet breaths.
d) Just naturally occurring trapped humidity.

Water vapor originating from occupant breathing is the major contributor over the course of a night; some ventilation is always required. At colder temps the air can't hold the water vapor and it condenses on interior surfaces. Ideally, we should have some type of exterior air exchange vent near floor level, but since we don't, you're going to have to lose some heat and open an overhead vent.

In your case, slightly crank open the bathroom/ bedroom vent and if that doesn't help, you'll have to turn on that fan as well to the lowest setting.

Originally Posted by ROC-REQS View Post
We got thermal pane windows on our 2015 Eagle Premier. They were one of my must have options, which resulted in us having to order one because no dealer in our area order trailers for their lot with thermal pane windows. Go figure in WNY

Are they worth the cost? That's totally a personal opinion & decision.

However, we still get moisture on the inside of the windows in the bedroom, so either some of our thermal-pane windows are defective or I had false expectations on their performance.

Last time out camping was our first time with our new trailer where it got cold over night. Temps dropped into the upper 30s. I had the thermostat set to 62 and the furnace ran periodically through the early morning. So there was ~25Deg temp difference between the inside & outside temps.

In the morning we had major moisture on the inside of 2 windows. The windows in the living area were fine - no moisture.

I contacted Jayco customer service about it to inquire if the 2 windows may be defective.
The Jayco rep responded indicating that you can still expect moisture on thermal-pane windows.
Personally I felt the response from the Jayco rep was more of a company line blow-off. His exact response was:
"... Condensation will happen if the there is enough of a temperature difference from inside the unit to the outside. You can open your roof vent approximately to get some ventilation in the unit. ..."
I don't think 25Deg difference was significant and his response I felt was explaining how a typical standard window would perform, not thermal-pane windows.
Anyway, it made me feel like why did I pay the $$ for these thermal-pane windows when Jayco is telling me I can't expect any better performance then standard windows with regard to inside moisture.

I'm just sharing our 1st experience with thermal-pane windows in cold weather. Sorry if it sounds like I'm venting.

Would I purchase them again - probably.
I still feel the thermal-pane windows provide better performance then the standard windows. They do seem to help with temperature control inside the trailer.

Hope sharing our experiences and feelings on thermal-pane windows is of some help to others.

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Thermal Pane Window Info

I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would use this thread to post info I received from Jayco on Thermal Pane Windows (instead of creating a new thread).

When at our dealership recently I asked the tech if all windows were thermal pane windows (including the windows on the side of the slide outs). They didn't know and suggested I ask Jacyo, so I did.

Here's an excerpt from Jayco's response:
"If the trailer was ordered with them [thermal pane windows] all will be thermal pane with the exception of the windows on the slide out, end walls."

So, the windows on the side of the slide outs are not thermal pane windows.

This also helps explain why at times we are getting moisture on the bedroom side slide-out window (along with the info PKEagle posted).
(Thanks PKEagle for your reply to my previous post. I appreciate the detailed information you provided.)

The slide-out end wall windows not being thermal pane windows was something I was not aware of when ordering our trailer with the thermal pane windows option. When ordering the trailer with thermal pane windows, I though all windows would be thermal pane windows.
Though I didn't ask if all were and if I knew the answer at the time of ordering, I still would have ordered the trailer with the thermal pane windows package. To be clear I'm very happy we have them. My question to Jayco was more to satisfy my own curiosity and to fully understand what our trailer has.

I'm posting this info as a FYI for others, like myself, that want to full understand what windows will be thermal pane windows and which will not be when getting a trailer or have a trailer with the thermal pane window package.

Hope this information is of some help to someone.

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The slide out endwall windows on my 2012 Eagle are thermopane. All of my windows are thermopane.

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Originally Posted by dzwiss View Post
The slide out endwall windows on my 2012 Eagle are thermopane. All of my windows are thermopane.
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My 2011, X3.

Maybe they have since changed the specs?
Or maybe applies to bumper pulls, not fifth wheels?
Maybe the person from Jayco who answered is incorrect?
There's lots of advice and information in forums... sometimes it is correct. For example, all of my posts are made by a political appointee who got the job as a reward for contributions to my diesel bill.

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Interesting that on 2011 & 2012 units all windows are thermal pane.
Jayco indicated for our specific 2015 Eagle Premier, the slide out end wall windows are not thermal pane windows.
I have confidence that the Jayco rep's response is correct wrt our specific unit.
Wonder if Jayco did change spec's. or if it's different on different models.
2015 Jayco Eagle Premier 361REQS
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If they open by sliding to the side or sliding up, I don't believe they are thermal pane. The fixed pane may be but the movable pane may not be.
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All windows in my Designer are thermal pane.


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