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Basic stuff I need to know!

So I have been watching videos and reading as much as I can; our first trip is coming right up and due to unfortunate timing, we pick up our brand new TT the day before (and we can't change that). We've had a tent trailer but never hooked up the water on it, just electric, so I've been reading about that and sewer hookup etc.

Here's a question - there's lots of videos on how to dump the black tank, and some will end with "put chemical X, a gallon or two of water, and some ice in the black tank so you can dump it when you get to your next site." But we will be coming home after the weekend trip and there are no public sanidump stations in our city. We will probably go out again about a month later. So what do you do if you are just going home -do you just clean and drain the black tank and leave it empty, or with just a couple gallons of water and chemicals?

What about the fresh water tank, do you drain that? Does the fresh water tank fill if you are on a water hookup (This seems like a really dumb question but I must be asking it incorrectly as I can't find the answer!)

Maybe I should just read an owners manual before we go!

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I think I found the answer to my last question - sounds like fresh water and city water connections may be isolated from each other. (we're getting a 28BHBE)

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Most campgrounds I've been to that have rv sites have dumping stations. Unless you're boon docking you should be good to go.
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I am quite sure the site we are going to has one, although I just watched a video (RVgeeks I think) where they said they prefer to dump at the site itself when hooked up. Not sure if this is permitted everywhere ...

My question was more, what do you when you are finished at wherever you dump - either campsite or dumping station. Do you leave the black tank empty if you are just going home?
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You can Google, to locate a dump station that is in route home. I also sometimes call the CG and ask for dump sites in the area. After dumping always add water to the black tank. Depending on your tank size add 2 to 5 gallons, and add your chemical of choice. If you cannot dump, make sure to have enough water in the tank, and add additional chemicals every two weeks.
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In the owner manual, they tell you to dump the grey/black tank before taking the road, as the TT is not design to be on the road with tha tanks full. The weight of them would not be balanced and would affect the driveability of the trailer.
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We usually dump as we leave the CG. We have a black tank flush to help get it clean. I put blank tank deodorizer and a gallon or two of water and leave it until the next outing. Leave the black tank empty as possible. Depending on how clean you got it, additional chemicals will be needed before next outing as they usually last a week or two.
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Kodes, Tank will not fill on city water hook up. For the trip home (or anywhere) after you dump the tanks add a gal or 2 of water and your appropriate amount of chemical. If you do it before the trip home it will slosh around and clean your tank. Once you have used your new tank, you should not leave it dry until winter. Odors and build up may occur. The ice cubes will help anything that is stuck in your tank. Not a necessity. If you have them you can use them. I prefer calgon. Makes the sides of the tank nice and smooth inside. No yucky clingers.
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The first assumption in the practice of leaving a few gallons of water in the black tank ( which I also do ) is that you are past the freeze period.

From first hand experience, I can tell you "do not leave any water in the system during the winter months if you live in a area that has hard freeze periods"
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I always leave some water in the bottom of the tanks, all of them, gray too. Otherwise the crud in the bottom dries and sticks and over time you'll never get it out. The tanks are so large that even if you leave an inch in the bottom, if they froze there is plenty of room for expansion, they wouldn't break. If the RV is not going to be used for a few months I add something to the water in there. I never use chemicals of any kind, I use an enzyme product or just plain old Dawn dish washing soap.

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