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Aluminum structure

I know that Jayco stopped making its all aluminum structure in 2003 or 2004. I'm interested in buying an older Jayco and prefer the all aluminum structure. Does anybody know what models are all aluminum structure? Is there something in the model number that would indicate it? Did all models have the aluminum structure?
The "aluminum structure" I'm referring to is aluminum studs on all 6 sides, 16" on center. I have searched everything I can on the internet without any luck. I posted the same inquiry on RV.net and someone suggested this site so here I am
Thanks for any info you can offer

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I wasn't aware of aluminum structured floor and ceiling options.

Also, keep in mind that even with aluminum wall studs, they are still supporting a wooden roof deck and are still being supported by a wooden floor. If you get a leak, the roof will still rot and the water will drain down to the wood floor and rot.

Unless the entire camper is composite and impervious to water, I don't see a benefit to aluminum studs. Seems almost like a gimmick to me. There might be some nominal features, but I don't think its the "solution" to a potential roof leak.

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Value of aluminum studs

With aluminum studs I can mount just about anything I want on a wall...T.V., coat rack, etc. With aluminum studs, all the wiring is in the walls like normal house wiring instead of on the walls, in the cabinets, under the cabinets, etc. All the 110vac plugins, switches, lights are all mounted on the outside walls where they belong. Delamination is less of a threat with aluminum studs. Aluminum studs can get wet and will not rot.
Jayco used to always show a picture of a full six-sided aluminum frame structure on their sales brochures. If my memory is correct, the floor joists were aluminum 16" on center, the roof trusses were aluminum 16" on center.
There are only a few Rv manufacturers that built them using that technology...Cedar Creek, Carriage, Alumascape, Crossroads, Sunnybrook, Jayco and possibly a few others.
I visited most of the factories and watched the assembly and was very impressed. Seems like the retail market is also impressed because these brands always seem to hold their prices better than the others.
So that is why I'm interested in trying to find out which units were full aluminum structure. I prefer that structure as compared to laminated walls and of course that is my personal preference. So if anybody can help out with the required info (Which Jayco units have a full aluminum structure) I would appreciate it.
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The Jayco website has brochures going back to 2003.
Brochures | Jayco, Inc.

I looked through a few of the 2003-04 types and don't see any with "all aluminum" construction. The models with composite walls all seem to use aluminum framing and those with aluminum siding all seem to use wood frames.

While my J-feather has aluminum framing, I really don't see any long term advantages over wood. You need to fix leaks quickly no mater what the underlying structure is and dry wood does not rot. We had a 25 year old Winnebago with wood framing that was in great shape when we sold it to buy our Jayfeather.

Thin walled tubing is not easy to weld. Aluminum gets much of its strength from heat treatment and the heat from welding greatly reduces the strength in the areas of the welds. My experience with aluminum weldments is that if one weld fails, a lot of the welds will fail soon after. Fortunately, the welds would likely fail very soon and the trailer would still be under warranty. I am not at all worried about our aluminum framing.

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Thanks for your reply. I realize that this is a lot like discussing religion or politics or truck preference. I had a Jayco 2002 designer and wanted to upgrade in 2004 and discovered that Jayco no longer made the all aluminum structure.
I am also well aware there are 1,000s of really nice RVs out there with wood frames or laminated sides. I also believe Jayco is at the top with their interior designs.
I have always had the aluminum structure with multiple other manufacturers and for my own reasons that is what I would like to stay with.
My post certainly was not to start debate on the value of aluminum but I appreciate hearing from others and their opinions.
What I really would like is to hear from any pre-2003 Jayco owners that have the aluminum structure and what specific model they have.
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