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Originally Posted by Clayton4971 View Post
Grumpy I stayed at a park in Golden Valley AZ last year and they said rid x is the only one they allow.
I've been happy with it over the last two months.

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Well I always suggest using chemicals. However I have had many people tell me that they dont use anything (Usually for financial reasons). In that case you can (and should) use vinegar. Vinegar will break down the waste, will keep the valves lubricated, will keep the tanks clean (at least cleaner than using nothing), however I personally dont care much for the scent of vinegar (of course it is still much much better than using nothing).

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How does your friend like the Blue Streak dispenser? I'm really considering ordering one for both of my toliets and am interested in hearing what folks think of them.

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Originally Posted by brianca2 View Post
I use TST orange. Only need 2 oz per treatment.
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Originally Posted by Jrmay25 View Post

How does your friend like the Blue Streak dispenser? I'm really considering ordering one for both of my toliets and am interested in hearing what folks think of them.



He really likes it he has had it about a year now I picked one up a couple weeks ago to try
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I have been full time for just shy of 5 years and played around with several chemical types early on. I didn't find any that did anything but remove money from my pocket and I'm not worried about the cost. I only use water and a lot of it. I make sure the bowl seal is good in my toilet since that is the vapor/odor barrier. If your bowl doesn't hold water between flushes, you will have odor from your black tank. Also when you flush don't have your exhaust fan running. It will pull a little odor in during the flush. I never have tank odor and I spend my summers on the Florida gulf coast where it gets hot. I just dump when full or almost full which for me alone is about every 2 weeks or when the SO is with me every week, flush with my built in flush system and move on. Simple and works.

Are you sure your odor is from your black tank? Your kitchen sink gray tank can get real nasty smelling also from food particles that build up. Example: You are on a full hook up site and you leave your gray tank(s) open and black tank closed. Over time the small food particles build up in your gray tank just like the poop pyramid in a black tank that is left open. Granted it takes longer because the food particles are much smaller, but they do build up. Then you end up on a site with no sewer hook up and have to close the gray tank. The water hydrates the partially or completely dry food particles and the odor starts. Believe me it can be bad (ask me how I know). The solution for me was to clean/sanitize the gray tank. I drained it and poured one full gallon of bleach in it. Drove from my bookdocking site to my home base and hooked up. A few days later the gray tank was almost full so I drained it. You wouldn't believe the stuff that came out (I have a clear 45 degree hose connection). No more odor and it even cleaned the sensor(s) which had been stuck on 2/3 full for a year. Now I leave my kitchen gray tank closed all the time except when it is full and I always put a pint or so of bleach in it. Works great and zero odor. If the gray tank had a flush system I doubt I would need the bleach.

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You'll get both sides here probably. Personally, I don't use chemicals. In 3 RV's I never have. This is my own personal choice, I just figure we have enough crap in our world I don't need to contribute more. We use tons of water in the tank (if you're boondocking this may not be possible), and we use natural, organic solutions periodically. Such as yeast, and if you see some natural ones on the market (and there are some) use those. I have used RIDX when we plan on not using the RV for a while, lots of water, RIDX and let it sit. Flush out next time out. But I really believe that lots of water is the answer. Good luck.
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I wonder about this too when people talk about chemicals that break down waste in the tanks. Is the waste really in there long enough for this to be a factor? For most of my trips, they're 3 nights max. I don't know, but it doesn't seem like that's enough time for anything to break down.

So when I'm thinking about what to put in my tank as far as chemicals and that, I tend to look more to deodorizing. The case has been made that water softener or fabric softener works to make the tank walls more "slick" so the "stuff" slides out easier.

I've used the blue stuff, the orange packets, and the "sewer juice" (search it if you don't know) and the sewer juice has been my favorite. I have no idea if it's making the tank walls slick, or if the waste is breaking down, but it sure does smell nice if you happen to get a whiff. Of course, the biggest factor is to always use plenty of water.

Watch out for the orange drop-in packets; I kept a bag in my vanity cabinet, and last time I went to use it, all the packets had deteriorated and broke open leaving me with just a big bag of powder. No big deal though, I just dump some in; the orange smell is nice too.

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I stopped using anything in my tank years ago.. use lots of water and don't dump the tanks till they are full... what ever you do DO NOT use products that contain formaidyde it is harmful to septic systems
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I camp like you, Bob. With a family of 4, I start off with a few gallons of water in the black tank and it gets filled in a few days. We don't usually get a full hookup site so that waste is in there until we leave. I've never seen a sign at any of the COE or county CG's we stay at that restricting chemicals in the toilet....I'm not sure if they send the waste to a septic system or if it goes to a treatment plant. I've been using the Walex brand with appears to be Formaldehyde free.

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