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New Pickup on 2016 Precept 35S


After our first year of RV owning - we are upgrading!
About a year ago .... bought my first RV. Sight unseen on ebay, a 2002 Winnebago Adventurer 37G. Its needed some DIY wrenching and repairs, but its been fantastic and very fun. We used it 25 weekends in the last 1 year!

So we went to an RV show and are upgrading to a 2016 Precept 35S. It looked like a nice unit, lots of storage, and the dashboard A/C worked!

We should be picking up the Precept this Friday.

Who has one of these? Is there anything particular I should make sure of etc during the pickup and dealer walk-through? Or any general advice


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Congratulations on your new 35S!!! We have had ours since the end of April and love it!! That being said, we have some issues that we are dealing with.

The biggest thing we found after having it for a short time was that the outside tv compartment leaked. That's a big deal. We took it to our dealer for that and a few other issues. I don't think they ever water tested it and just decided it was the seal in the compartment. They have a new seal on order for us, however, after bringing it back home, my husband did his own water testing and found that the compartment hole was too big for the insert. He then added silicone to the top of the compartment, pulling it out so he could get the silicone down in and then did a good bead on top. That appears to have solved the problem. Now water now.

We also had an issue with the drivers seat. The armrests were higher than the passenger seat. I ends up that there are two sets of holes that the armrests can be mounted in. The drivers seat rests were installed in the top set of holes making them too high. They can't just lower them because then there is a hole in the fabric, so we have a new drivers seat on order.

We have an issue with pooling of water in the left side of the kitchen sink. Turns out this is due to a small warp in the countertop behind the sink. The only fix is tearing out the countertop which is too big of a deal so we will live with the water pooling and replace the sink at a later date and install it so it is more level. Not a huge deal.

My husband was vacuuming out construction debris from under the kitchen tv compartment today and he found that the tv was damaging wires below when the tv was lowered. He's glad he found this as it could be a fire danger. Husband is an electrician, so he can fix this and clean up the wiring below, but you might want to have them take the drawer out under the tv and check the wiring to make sure it's not being smashed.

We have had a few other issues, some that are more cosmetic than anything. The shade over the door wasn't centered. The cabinet pulls are not level (drives my husband nuts, but just not worth the hassle). All said, we are very happy with the coach. It's a lot of bang for the buck. It's not a Marathon Coach, but it's good. Do a thorough walk through and then make a list as you go along. You've got a two year warranty.

Again, congratulations!! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me. We love talking about our beast!!


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great to hear that you are enjoying your 35S! I expect some minor items / annoyances to crop up. As long as all the major chassis and house appliances work well - we should have a good time.
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There is a Jayco PRECEPT Owners 'Social Group' in the Community section of this website. If you repost your questions there you will be overwhelmed with good advice and comments.

Additionally, the Precept owners have organized an informal get together the weekend after Labor Day at a campground near the Jayco factory, including a factory tour.
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Yes'm make sure all the outside compartment locks work and also have dealer check in your presence the electrical connections to the ATS under the bed. Big time safety exposure. ALL the wire lugs seemed to be overlooked at the factory and dealership. Good luck !
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We just picked ours up Thursday. .and sure you inspect EVERYTHING. Our shower door was the wrong size so it would not close all the way. Bedroom tv bad picture quality with main blue ray player. We were there an extra 3 hours while they had the whole crew fixing things. Suggestion....have the head repair guy so the walkthrough they will notice everything.
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I wanted to write back with a littel update here, after owning the 35S for about three months.
We have taken in to a couple horse shows and race car events. My kids ride horses and I race cars, so an RV is a great item for us.
I'll start this off by cigars, dinner, and drinking - and also wathcing in-car race videos on the outside TV.

So what has gone wrong
Well, I'll say this - everyone who I have ever talked to says that all RV's are "quirky". Doesn't matter if its a
+400k or a 60k+ model. You are driving an apartment down the highway, thinks rattle, come loose/etc - that's just how it is.

So here are a few things we have encountered.

1) I see the "quality" issue people have mentioned. I am not that particular on stuff like that, meaning - I see
the door handles on the cabinets are not all in a perfect line/etc. There are some small workmanship issues like that
where I think you really have to be looking to find them. I don't mind small little things like that.

2) The door was difficult to close. Seemed like it needed alot of force, almost to slam it closed. I had some
down time at the racetrack and took the strike plate apart. I grinded down the face of it, chamfered it a bit more
and now it closes nicely. So that was a 30 minute fix - no problem.

3) The water heater. This was mentioned to us at pickup. Girard has some issue with the propane valves so the
water heater doesn't always fire up. My unit seemed only to be effected once. Meaning, once you get it running
it seems good for the whole weekend. Girard sent me a warrenty notice and I will be taking the RV back to a local
service center to have the new valves installed - hopefully this corrects the issue. TBD on that.

4) The microwave - very odd!! It died and wouldn't heat anything after the third weekend. I bought a spare one
at walmart for $30 so we could heat breakfast sandwichs. I removed the microwave, took it to my local applicance center,
and they fixed it under the manufacturers warranty. I just re-installed the microwave today and it works again. Odd one.

5) The faucet. Ok - this quality issue is hard to overlook. The faucet is installed so it only rotates onto 1/2 of the sink.
You can rotate it almost to the window/backsplash, but not the the second half the sink. I will have this fixed at the local
service center when they take care of item #3.

6) The TV in the bedroom does not receive signal for the blueray player. This is due to the poor way they chose to
extend the HDMI signals. Using CAT5 and converter devices. There are much better ways to do this than with Cat5. H
I installed a spare DVD player in the bedroom so its direct to the TV. Problem solved there.

7) The biggest item was the ride quality. I heard the 35S had the "best ride in the industry". Ok. Well, when I picked it up
and we drove it on the highway, it felt a little disconnected from the road. It wandered a bit and I always had to apply
some inputs to the steering wheel to keep it going the direction I wanted it. Very subtle but I noticed. I then inflated the
tires back up to max cold PSI (about 105-110psi) and we took it out on a weekend horseshow. The ride quality had improved and
the steering seemed better - so I thought problem solved. Then - two weeks later, I put my race car trailer behind it.
Wow ... it was pretty sketchy towing. I had to keep countersteering alot and the steering wheel really had about a 2-inch dead
zone it of slop in the steering. Going around corners on the highway, you had to keep the steering wheel hard to the left/right
and then get ready to countersteer it out of the corner. I towed for 6 hours with it like that - wasnt fun. The next day at the
racetrack, I fixed it. The issue is "steering lash" and there is an adjuster on all steering boxes. I added about 1/2 turn of
adjustment and it drove very well on the way back home. Maybe as 1/4 inch of slop/lash. I could tow at 70ish mph and it drove fine.
Maybe Jayco/etc never reset the lash? That could have been a big headache for someone, luckily I knew what I was looking for
so it took 10 minutes to fix.

Overall - I do like the 35S and Its a nice upgrade from my 2002 Winnebago Adventurer. I bought that and drove it for a year.
We put 13,000 miles on it in a year between horse shows and race tracks. I think we all got hooked on the "RV Life" after that.

So that's my update - for now :P
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thanks - i checked the wiring under the bed and it all looks good
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Sunday is our third day

Picked up our 35S Thursday afternoon, 10/6. We spent Thursday and Friday night in it and have yet to encounter any major issues. Staying tonight and heading out on our first road trip and shakedown. Our unit was the last 2016 at our dealer and was a showroom queen so cosmetics are 100%.

The dash AC doesn't work so it goes back to the dealer on 10/24 to have Ford fix that. I agree with sspano01 on the steering, way too much slop. I'd like to learn how to set the steering lash or maybe Ford can do that when they fix the dash AC.

Water heater works great as well as coach AC and furnace. Auto level seems to be fine although we have had a tiny bit of settling on our gravel river side site.

Added the SiriusXM adapter today, took all of 30 minutes from start to activation. Need to find a good location for the antenna and dress up the wiring.

My fresh water tank is full and I'm not keen to be hauling 500+ pounds of water tomorrow so I need to find the low point drain for that tank. I have 4 low point drains but they are not identified.

We are happy so far with our purchase, upgraded from a 38.5' fifth wheel and F450. I'm going to miss that 800 ft. Lbs. of torque on demand but love the convenience of being on the road in 10 minutes.
Nick, Sharon and Fin the wonder dog.
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We're loving our 35S also, jump in and go! Yesterday I ordered the Blue Ox stuff to tow our 2014 Honda CRV. After we get the towing set up done I'll start on chassis upgrades.

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