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Tonneau cover or topper?

Which do you have, if any, on your truck?
I have a tri-fold that I am returning because it looks like it has been used previously. I have found a deal on a used "topper" (camper shell, cap...seems different terms are used depending on where you're at) that matches my truck. on craigslist.
I am concerned about the tonneau because it limits the height to the top of the bed rails unless I roll, fold or retract. When we load up for camping, our stuff is always above the bed rails. The topper would solve this, but I am not crazy about the looks. Although I am more about practicality than looks. I have never had a topper on any of my trucks. I have read comments where people have said the topper makes the truck like an suv and you should get an suv if that is what you want. I agree with the looks part, but I want a separate truck bed to haul firewood with all the critters that can hide in the wood. Not to mention the things I haul during huntin season that I wouldn't want on the inside of a vehicle.
What are y'alls opinions on the pros/cons of both covers?

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Flat covers will limit capacity in the bed to the level of the bed rails. My Silverado 2500 HD has an open bed that I load with a hard shell roof topper that is placed in the bed for secure / dry storage and a truck box where I keep all my TV stuff [jacks/5 gal fuel jug/jump cables/etc]. The rest of the space in the bed us stuffed with my camping stuff. For the most part it fits to the level of the bed rails, but different items can stick up higher. I've not had any problem with this set up but have been considering a hard shell to dry up the whole bed and increase security of the load. If I go with a hard shell, it will probably be a lighter alum. type so it can be removed easily when I need an open bed. The fiberglass shells are extremely heavy and while they can be removed in much the same way as the lighter types, they are a lot harder to deal with even with help.

For now, I am sticking with the open bed.

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I have an Access roll up tonneau and I love it. No leaks and looks great I think. Plus it rolls up, and I have a fifth wheel so that necessary. I am going to get a topper for my truck though for the winter months. Yeah, I don't like the look as much but they are great. We fish and back country hunt/camp a lot and with a topper I can put everything in my truck away from the elements and locked. And it's still a truckbed, so I can still put firewood, chainsaws, etc in the back - things I probably wouldn't put in the back of an SUV. People say they are for old guys, not so...from an outdoorsman/women perspective, they are great. When my wife gets a truck we are getting here one because she put dogs kennels in it for competitions and hunts. Again, keeps the mutts out of the elemtents on long and hot or rainy days. Plus you could sleep back there if need be.
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Always had a cap I my trucks and always will. Great place for whatever you want to keep dry and secure. I have had 2 suburbans and they don't look like my truck with a cap plus when it comes to camping I would rather have my pick up, the only benefit the suburban had over the pick up was seating.

Love my cap, makes for a bunch of extra room.
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I've got a tonneau cover on my truck. It will lock in any position I put it. It works great for anything lower then the bed rails. I would prefer to have a camper shell for carrying larger items.
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Ive had both on my trucks. The camper shell, for practicality reasons alone, is the way to go. Tonneau is great for the day to day however, if you bought the truck bc its a truck and use it to haul things the tonneau is just a pain in the butt especially if its the snap kind. I hear the toss up in the decision btw practicality and looks however
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I had an Undercover hard cover on my old truck and loved it except when I need to fit something tall in the truck like a snow blower. It was light enough that my wife and I could remove it easily in a few minutes. I have an Access roll up tonneau on my 2500 and it's OK but the Velcro is getting a little worn. I also had a fiberglass topper on an old Dakota and it was nice but taking it off required 4 men and a small boy to lift it off.
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I've had "all of the above" on various trucks over the years. First truck had an aluminum cap. Liked the convenient/ lockable storage, but it was noisy in the rain. I had the front window removed, and put a blow-up "donut" between the cab window and the front of the shell, so I could open the cab window to heat/cool the bed for the dog. But the donut leaked water into the cab, and didn't last very long. I had to replace it twice during the 7 years I owned the truck. Got a matching fiberglass cap with an integrated pass-thru window gasket for my next truck, and really liked it a lot. Had plenty of room to store everything - even semi-tall items - and I believe it helped the aerodynamics/mpg. Only problem was with real tall items like trees. I'd have to lay them down, which got dirt all over the inside of the bed. But hey - it was a truck! Just hosed it off! Last truck came without anything, and I couldn't afford a cap, so picked up a roll-up/snap-down vinyl tonneau cover for it. Hated it! The bows were always sliding loose, and I'd have to crawl inside the bed to reposition them. Had to roll it up to store about anything in the bed, and it was a pain to roll & unroll it. Plus, I had to remove, flip, and reinstall all the snaps when the seasons changed, due to the expansion and contraction of the vinyl. Current truck came with a tri-fold hard tonneau cover. I like it much better! It's easy to flip open one, two, or all three sections to carry tall items. Easy to close back up and lock the tailgate if I have shorter items that might otherwise "walk off". It's a real happy compromise: most of the advantages of both. As I start my "full-timing" adventures, I believe I'll be able to keep things like my generator, w/w tote, ladder, tools, golf clubs, and firewood back there and still keep it buttoned up tightly. If I need more (ie. taller) storage space, I may swap it out for a cap down the road. I like the looks of both tonneaus and caps, so need and budget will be the determining factors.
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Camper top on my pickup
1 great for the dog when hes muddy or sandy
2 great for the beach the family can get changed in the back and when we get home i can leave all beach toys in the back if im tired (some times for a few weeks) lol

Con dosent look cool but its a truck who cares
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Sounds like you've already convinced yourself that you want/need a cap. Nothing wrong with that. That's why there are so many options. It really comes down to how you use your truck. The good part about buying a used cap is that if you decide it's not what you want you can re-sell it and get most if not all your money back.

Our truck came with a really nice, high quality color matched cap. Trouble is neither my wife or I care for the look of caps. It's not that it looks like an SUV, it makes it look like a work truck. My truck is not a work truck, its a sport truck.

However we could really see some advantages to the cap. But two issues came up that pushed our decision to sell it. One is hauling bikes. With the cap we had you can't stand them up without removing the front wheels. Not too bad expect it was a pain crawling in to remove secure and remove them. The other is that my wife was too short to reach the cap door when opened. Put it on Craig's list and it sold in 2 weeks.

What we bought is an Extang Solid Fold tonneau cover. It's pretty much what Brownie described, folds in 3 sections. Secure, no one can see what's in the bed, keeps the bed dry, folds up to use more of the bed, easy to remove to use the whole bed (hauling bikes!). It was a good purchase, its very versatile, looks great, and we like it far better than the cap.

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