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Command Center - need explanations, please

Okay, day 4 in the rental RV (Redhawk 29RX). Getting a few things figured out, while others - not so good.

I've been checking the Command Center info every day (multiple times a day, even) and I'm scratching my head over 'em. I'm hoping someone can help me so I'm not freaking out that something's going wrong. Again, the owners manual isn't very helpful.

Yesterday the grey water tank was registering 2/3rd full but now (in the AM) it's registering 1/3 full. And I know more water has gone down it, but I haven't flushed the system (will do so tonight or tomorrow at my next campground). So, why have those numbers changed?

I'm now thinking I can take my shower since it's not registering as full as it was before. I thought I might have to flush it before I took the shower, in case it got full.

Which leads to: what happens if it does get full part way through my shower? Does the water stay in the bottom of the shower pan?

The black water tank has stayed at 1/3 every time I've checked it, so I'm okay there.

Now the battery info - that's really got me puzzled. The letters are L, F, G and C. What the heck do these mean? Right now it's registering at F (after turning lights on and fixing breakfast), but when I got up this AM it was at L.

There's also a switch when I come in the door for "Main Power". Right now the red light is on and the button looks to be in the down position (I can see the red area on the top side of the button/switch). It's flipped the opposite way of when I turn on the interior lights.

What is this for? I know, it sounds obvious, but I'm wondering do I need to have it in that position the entire time? With the red light on?

Thanks for your answers. TV questions will be in a separate post.

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If your connected with full hookups why is that an issue? Knowing that some people take long warm showers till the wee hours of the morning, one would think to empty gray water so that would not be an issue!
But Yes, to the water staying at the bottom of the shower pan. When a bottle fills up it spills "out" same goes for gray water (and forbid "black tank water)
BUT ! if you're dry camping yes, that is an issue. This is where one takes military showers. Or you empty gray water into a portable wast water tank that you empty your graywater into and wheel it to the dump station.

Main power is exactly that. I'm sure when you switched it off you noticed that there was NO power to the whole unit. It is the main power switch to energize the whole unit. While your utilizing the rv that should be on all the time unless you desire no power.

When you park the unit till your next outing the red light switch is off unless you have electrical power at the place of storage and are able to keep the power on and desire to do so.

I'm certain that some of the others who respond will go into more detail .... Happy Camping !

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First the disparity in the tank readings. Tank sensors are fickle things. They are rarely accurate. They do an ok job. The reason they may register 2/3 the night before and 1/3 in the morning, could be several things. It could mean it is very close to 2/3 full and in the evening, soap suds and other things on the water surface could be touching the sensor and making it read 2/3. Whereas in the morning that all has settled and the sensor is now clear so it reads 1/3.
Black tanks can be even worse since 'stuff' can get stuck on the sensors. This can cause a reading of 1/3 all the way up to full even when the tank is empty.
If the grey tank fills up part way through your shower, you will get standing water in your shower tub and could even get back wash into your sinks.
Battery info: L, I would assume this to be LOW, F- FAIR, G- GOOD, C-CHARGED. This should be explained in the owners manual.
The main power switch needs to be on for the main cabin lights to operate. Though the ancillary lights may work with that switch off (bedroom, bathroom, etc.) Perhaps someone with a Redhawk can clarify this. I know on my TT, the main power switch just activates the main cabin lights. I turn this off at night to conserve power, and also as a sort of last switch to turn off when going out the door.
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The Command Center indicators do not work very good on my 2015 26xd. I have found the battery indicator for instance will read 2 dots when the battery is far lower than it should ever be discharged. I added a digital volt meter in the house connected to the house battery. Basically you should not discharge the house batteries beyond 12.2 volts. Doing so, will damage them.

The fresh water level, gray water level and black level drive us nuts. Their indications are just that, and not a reliable way of measuring. It drives my wife nuts. She wants an accurate digital gauge like we have on the batteries. I have no idea how to do that! We dry camped several weeks and these levels were an issue! We have started to get a feeling on just how full our tanks are, based on when we last emptied / filled them, and what we have used. Yes I look at them, but it is frustrating to do a dump and rinse, and still have the black water indicator at 3 dots!

Oh and by the way, on our Redhawk, if you turn on the outside light, the indicators go crazy and all read 1 dot!! So you might try turning off your "exterior" light and seeing if this changes anything. I think the light being on reduces the voltage to the command center board. It goes without saying, that if your battery is too low, that none of the other indicators are going to be accurate!

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