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Thoughts on Third Trip in Greyhawk 31FS

We just got back from a 4 day weekend in Missouri and Arkansas, and just a few tidbits from the trip.

From the fuel mileage standpoint it was not great...we got from 7.5-8.5 MPG. That saying, it's been 95-100 Degrees outside so we were running the Geni and AC (which never shut off LOL) and I also ran the chassis AC. It's just way too hot not to. Given this max usage, I'm pretty pleased with the mileage we got.

Man I want a bigger grey tank! With the heat we shower more, and it's just part of the deal I guess. As much as I try, we just fill that bad boy up fairly quick. We can make it around 2 days, but honestly, we could be much more frugal with our water and are not too concerned. We just pull up and dump the tank...normally takes around 30 minutes round trip. A small price for us to be able to enjoy the creature comforts of our RV!

I also ditched the grill that came with the RV. I got a Weber Q 1200 for father's day, and I converted it to work off the propane line from the RV. I simply took off the old quick release valve from the original grill, added it to the Weber after removing the regulator, and bought a longer quick release hose. Also got a folding carrying cart. I have to say, this little grill works quite well. I use a Big Green Egg at home so obviously it does not compare to that, but it has all the power of a conventional propane grill in a small package.

Systems all worked well, hot water was a bit fussy at times but we continue to get more and more used to it. One sight was quite unlevel and it was our first challenge there. Decided quickly we need to get better quality leveling blocks! That's on the list for the next trip.

Biggest issue was quite frankly the heat. It's 100 degrees in the day, and in direct sun our poor little AC just can't keep up! This was the worst conditions we could have for heat, so we survived and it can only get better! At least at night we were quickly comfortable and even cold which is the way we like it.

If anyone has suggestions on how to best keep the heat from coming in the windows (like a sunscreen suggestion) that would be appreciated. Something DIY maybe. The front windows have only privacy screens, not blackout which kind of stinks.

Thanks again to everyone for all the information on this forum, it's great!


2015 Greyhawk 31FS
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Take a look at ezsnap.com There is a nice article about it in the current (august) issue of Motor Home Magazine. Says it blocks up to 90% of the suns rays. Looks pretty simple but this would be done after arriving at the camp site. We utilize the foam back cushions for all of the air vents and have a foil (door cover) that we velcro to the skylight in the shower. It also helps to keep the shades pulled down.

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Are you not using your levelers? Or did you exceed the throw on the jacks? I plan on bringing 3 stacks of levelers with me. I also got 4 Hosspad jack pads for those times I'm on ground that gives.
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My 2015 31FS has blackout shades throughout and this has really helped during hotter days. You said your FS does not have them in the front of the coach? They should be there on yours.....maybe a ? and/or trip to the dealer!

2015 Jayco Greyhawk 31FS
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My tips for dealing with heat.
1: Find shade if possible. (Goes without saying but is #1 thing we look for)
2: Hang a thick blanket across opening to the cab. The cab generates a lot of radiant heat from the sun on the windows and un-insulated Ford cab.
3: Cut window inserts out of that foil covered air bubble plastic stuff from Lowes. Install onthe sun side of the rig when you determine which get direct sun.
4: Cold air escapes from the open slides at the bottom. Fashion a roll of material or otherwise close that space at the bottom of the slide on the inside.
5: When you arrive at a campsite, cool the engine, trans and exhaust off asap. Open the hood, and put blower fans up under the chasis. We carry two off these fans anyway, for us.
6: Use a smaller blower fan to circulate air in the coach. We have a small one for this, it helps push air to the back and from the floor up.
7: This one is experimental, bvut I tried putting a mister on the roof and spray a fine mist at the a/c unit to help in the extreme heat of the day. I think it helped a little, but is a waste of water and may not be the PC thing to do. Over time, I could see it causing corrosion. but good for a short time when desperate.
8: Use your outdoor shower when possible. I mean, its there for a reason right? for some reason it is ok to do this (PC), but bad to dump grey water that is the same water...We hose the kids off outside. Most the time in the summer we are at places swimming etc..
9: Make sure you awning is set to the lowest angle to maximize the area onthe coach it is shading.
10: under extreme durress, bring your slides in. less surface area to heat up.
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Be sure to check and if necessary, clean your AC intake vent filters located inside the coach unit. We purchased our new 31 FS in April of this year and have been heck bent on getting out there and using it and just got back from our longest trip - 10 days to S.Dakota (from Minnesota). While in the Badlands we discovered that the AC filters were totally plugged. We couldn't figure this out why, but then realized that we started camping in mid April (was still cold in MN) and had been using the furnace from the first night. So, the filters had filled up through using the furnace and transition to AC during 7 trips. The AC was just not seeming to keep up. I cleaned them thoroughly with water and it made a huge difference since the AC was breathing properly again. Just something to keep in mind. Also, be very careful when removing these very light duty filters. 2 of the fins on ours literally cracked when removing from the bottom of unit. They are ridiculously fragile. But, they absolutely are meant to be cleaned. Happy Camping!
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For privacy And blocking heat, go to heats held and order a set of cab window covers front and side windows. They fit snug and are excellent.

We have been on a trip since the 7th in our 31fs. I am finding that most of the systems favor being in a RV park with hookups. The inverter will drain your battery because that doesn't appear to get a charge when the Gen set isn't running or you aren't hooked up.
Carl & Dawn
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Carl B what is the company name again?
heats held?
cant find anything in ggogle
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Heat Shield.

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Originally Posted by Jopopsy View Post

If you do decide to pick up a set I saw on their Facebook page that they have 10% off their "Ford" models of shades until the end of July. The code was JULVEH15.

I was in Walmart this past weekend picking up oil/filter for the RV and saw the sunshades that they offered. I think the most expensive one was $11.00 (cheapest was around $7.00). They only had ones for the windshield (not the side windows). I almost picked one up. I called the Heatshield store this morning to ask why I should spend 3-4 times as much for one of theirs over the cheap Walmart ones. He didn't really have a decent answer other than that they were the original maker of sunshades and made them with better quality materials that would probably last longer. He didn't mention the advantage that they state on the website that they are cut to individual models of cars (so they should fit better) as opposed to a generic "fit all" model.

I'm a little torn at this point. I added the 2 sets (the windshield and two side windows) to the cart, and with $13 for shipping (and the discount code) it was over $75 . . .


Visited in our 2011 Greyhawk 31DS
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