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2015 Whitehawk DSRL

This is a long post. Sorry.

I am considering upgrading my trailer from a 2014 23MBH to a 2015 27DSRL. One reason for getting the 2015 is that this is what my dealer has and he can get me a good deal on it. I will tow this with the current vehicle I tow the 23MBH with which is an 2012 Ford F-150 Lariat with 5.0 Liter engine with an axle ration of 3.73. This truck has the off road suspension and tow package. The Manufacturer web site lists as GCWR or 9000 lbs.

I am interested in hearing from people who have something similar to the combination I might get. Here are some specs:

The Specs from the Manufacturer web site are

Unloaded Vehicle Weight (lbs) 5,435
Dry Hitch Weight (lbs) 510
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs) 7,500
Cargo Carrying Capacity (lbs) 2,065
Exterior Length 30' 11"
Wheel Base 241"

Unloaded Vehicle Weight(lbs) 4,610
Dry Hitch Weight (lbs) 645
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs) 6,500
Cargo Carrying Capacity (lbs) 1,890
Exterior Length 26' 4"
Wheel Base 204-1/2"

Information from the little yellow sticker

Factory Weight with full propane 5,954
Cargo Weight should not exceed 1,373

Factory Weight with full propane 5,127
Cargo Weight should not exceed 1,546

So here is where I thought it gets interesting. The little yellow sticker shows that each trailer weighs approx. 500 lbs more than what is on the web site. I do know to go by the little yellow sticker though. What I am curious about is if that weight is off then would the estimated tongue weight be off and by how much?

According to the web site the tongue weight of the longer trailer is less so if I can tow the 23MBH and still be below my limits on my truck then I should be below my limits with the new trailer.

As to weighing my truck I can load up the bed with the stuff that would go in there and go to the scale. I can then add the weight of my passengers that would normally be in the truck but might not be when it gets weighed. I can then subtract that weight from the GVWR to get how much extra payload I have.

What I can not do is take a not bought trailer to the scales and weigh it so I have to depend on the yellow sticker.

One other thing I need to do is to get the tongue weight of the trailer to make sure I am below the GVWR of the truck. Since I can not move the trailer I wanted to know if the following procedure to measure the tongue weight would work

1) Put a black of wood under the A frame where the tongue jack is
2) Lower the tongue jack until the trailer is sitting on the wood
3) Place a scale under the trailer tongue
4) Lower the tongue jack until it is fully on the scale and is raised off the block of wood.

If the above procedure will work will I need to make sure the trailer is level to get a good tongue weight? By brother-in-law (professional trucker) said I could hook up the truck without the torsion bars to both trailers and measure the sag on the bumper. That would at least tell me if the new trailer is heavier or lighter. It also turns out the dealer has a way to measure the tongue weight. I will ask when I visit them.

I asked the sales manager about the difference in tongue weight of the MBH vs the 2015 DSRL and the 2016DSRL (I looked online at that one) and he said it had to do with murphy bed and the wheelbase difference in the two models. Does that sound right? This is the same salesman that sold me the 23MBH originally so I trust him and the dealership.

My 23MBH has been awesome but our family has gone through some changes and we feel the need to look at a bigger trailer. I know an F250 would fit the bill nicely but that would add an extra 25000 to my purchase. Yes I know I could get the truck cheaper than that but it would not be what I wanted.

2017 F-250 Lariat
2016 Whitehawk 27DSRL
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Forgot one Item

Forgot to say that if we are close we might be able to take the refer out in the front pass through compartment (unless it is permanently attached)

2017 F-250 Lariat
2016 Whitehawk 27DSRL
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I have the same model and year TT as the one you are looking at. My little yellow sticker claims the thing weighs 6,028 pounds. We used to tow it with a 2012 Silverado LTZ 1500 4x4, A/T, 3.54 gears and 5.3 liter engine. Tow package, extra cooling, the works. It was fine on flat ground but struggled on inclines to the point that I was uncomfortable with the thought of taking it cross-country after I retire in a couple years. So, long story short we traded off the Chevy and bought a 2500 Ram diesel 4x4. Problem solved! You may get away with using your current TV but it will be right at its' max capability so it will be a judgement call on your part. BTW, we love the trailer, over 4000 miles towing with only 1 problem, a leaking rear window. 15 minutes and a tube of silicone caulk fixed that.
2015 Ram Laramie Crew Cab 4x4 turbo diesel
2015 White Hawk 27DSRL
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I don't let myself get too caught up in over-analyzing weights. I figure if you hafta go to the scales to satisfy even your own peace of mind, your're either too close to your numbers in the first place or you're damn seroius about towing and do it a lot more often than I tug a rig around. My truck is pretty much a clone of Russ661's ride with a 9600 lb tow rating. I bought a 2016 27DSRL in August. I had installed a 2" level kit in the front end of the truck shortly after purchasing it in 2010 as I don't like the nose-down stance of the GM 1500 series trucks. In August of this year, I bought a 2016 27DSRL with a Reese Dual-Cam WD setup and wasn't able to get the back end up to level until adding a set of airbags. I recently pulled the traier from our home in the Lake George area of upstate NY over the top of Killington Mountain in VT on our way to a "boy's weekend" at the NASCAR race in Loudon, NH. My buddies (who both own smaller TT's of their own) both commented how nicely it seemed to tow given the size, weight, and grade considerations. The engine had to work at times, but never in excess of 4500 rpm's on the tach. While a 2500 series would certainly be better, for my needs, the current TV is more than adequate. Your 5.0 Ford with 3.73's should do just fine providing it has a trans cooler as part of the tow package. The Lariat's can sometimes be a little mushy in the back end, but I don't think you'll have any trouble getting a level ride. We love our 27DSRL. It's got plenty of room for a couple to camp comfortably even when trapped inside due to weather. The tri-fold sofa that opens up to a queen is great for when the kids join us. And that little fridge in the front...well, let's just say my family refers to it as "Dad's Medicine Cabinet".
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Did not know that about the mushiness but maybe because mine has the off road suspension as that was the only way I could get the train cooler. Because of the various packages i bought the only two things that are different than a ford with the max tow is the beefier bumper and the tow mirrors. My truck is a bit back high but with the current trailer on it it sits very level.

As for going up hills it does good. We can go up hills at around 45-50 (personal preference) and we still have power. I have not traveled with it up the big mountains out west though.

With the tow package it should have the trains cooler but not an engine oil cooler(I think) so I might have to add the missing cooler.
2017 F-250 Lariat
2016 Whitehawk 27DSRL
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We have a 27DSRL as you can see in our signature. Loaded it is about #6800. The tongue weight is between 900 and 1000 lbs depending how it is loaded.

Load up your truck with the people and stuff you will take camping in it. Take it to the CAT scale and find out what your remaining payload is. That is the most critical factor for a 1/2 ton truck. If you have close to #1000 remaining payload left for your tongue weight, you should be good to go with your current truck.

Look at the stickies in the towing section of this forum. The CAT Scale is your friend.
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Don't own the Whitehawk, but our Jayflight 24FBS has a similar weight and our F150 tows it without any problems. Not sure if the extra length makes alot of difference, 'tho.

But I will admit, we've considered the DSRL as an upgrade too. Nice floor plan.
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You should be fine. To me it is what your comfortable with. We have the Whitehawk 33bhbs and tows fine with our 5.0 F150. We even took a trip from Michigan to Nashville this summer and had no issues. The tach never reached more than 4000 rpm in the mountains.
2014 white hawk 33bhbs
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I have a 2012 F150 Screw and have towed our 2014 WH 28DSBH coast to coast across Canada over the past 2 summers. The weight of the 28DSBH is very similar to the DSRL and since my truck only has the XLT package and not the lariat my payload is probably a little higher. I am probably right on the mark with my payload but I have never went to the scales to verify. My first real trip was from Northern Ontario to PEI and back. Being relatively flat for the most part the truck handled very well and I had no issues towing. Now this year heading west all the way to Vancouver Island was another story. Wind through the prairies was no problem but the minute I hit the hills in Alberta and BC I knew it was going to be a different story. It was at that time I wished I had the 3/4 ton diesel. The truck pulled through the mountains okay but the constant shifting of gears was very tiresome. We hit many grades that were 16% and a few that were 18% with switchbacks and no guard rails that made for some white knuckle days. The mountains really tested my truck TT combination and I have come to realize that I will not do it again with this set up. Flat towing and the occasional inclines are no problem but if you plan to travel a lot than I would highly recommend upgrading to a 3/4 ton. BTW when we travelled we packed very lightly, tanks empty and did most of our groc shopping at our destinations to keep weight down.
2014 Jayco Whithawk 28DSBH
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I have the same trailer and love it, definitely recommend buying it. We've put 4000 miles on ours this year and my TV is a 1991 Ford Bronco (shorter WB F-150) with the 351 engine. I've changed the gearing to 4.56:1 and took it through the Eisenhower Tunnel, CO (11,200 ft) this summer at 45 - 50 mph. I use the Pro Pride hitch and love it also, well worth the price.

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