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Hauling with a dodge durango

2008 dodge durango 4.7 with haul package. Will be towing a 2011 26bh and have weight ditrubution. Says i can haul up to 6000 pounds. The salesman says no problem, I called dodge and they say no problem....what are your thoughts???

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We had towed our old Zinger ZT32QB with a 2005 Hemi Durango with 3.92 gears. The Durango in that combination had more than enough power and the brakes were very good with stopping. The problem that I had was the TT was a little long for the shorter wheel based Durango. I solved about 90% of the issue by using a combination Reese Dual Cam and a friction sway device but the combination was still squirrely on the road.

The 26BH is smaller and lighter than the Zinger so you should be okay. Get the best hitch you can afford and take your time setting it up, or ask the dealer to set it up. I don't know about the 4.7 engine, but I'd bet it can handle the weight. Technically though with a GVWR of 7500 for the trailer it doesn't fit the Durango's 6000 lb rating.

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Hello Jelbcorp, first of all welcome to the forum! Glad you found us. I have a 26BH and it is an excellent model.

I am not an expert on towing, but there are several folks here that will be able to give you good advice. My initial reaction is that it may pull it, but you will probably not be very happy or comfortable with the experience. You are going to be riding the edge of your upper limit once you get it loaded with gear, food, supplies, etc.
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Welcome to the gang, Jelbcorp. The GVWR for that trailer is 7500 lbs meaning you can load it with stuff and water up to that weight. Your trucks tow rating is 6000 lbs, which includes what ever you are towing, passengers and anything you carry in the vehicle. So you could easily surpass the 6000 lbs when loaded for a trip. Load carefully and weigh your rig. I agree with tafische that you will probably be pushing it with this combo.
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Originally Posted by Jelbcorp View Post
snip.......The salesman says no problem, I called dodge and they say no problem....what are your thoughts???
My thoughts...., that the salesman and Dodge representative are unknowingly setting you up for a considerable disappointment.

Did your Dodge contact inform you that the 6,000lb tow capacity of your 4.7L Durango is based on the base model Durango's curb weight including only a 150lb driver? As member "Lee" stated....; passengers, cargo, Durango options, etc...., that the total of these weights gets subtracted from the 6,000lbs.

Based on the Jayco published weight specifications of the 26BH (UVW 4,725lb, GVWR 7,500lb), IMO your TV's tow capacity (and/or GCWR) will be max'd out before you load a single item in the 26BH........, basically towing an empty travel trailer. Please keep in mind, the UVW of 4,725lb is the published weight (not the ship weight) and doesn't include battery, LP, dealer options, and WDH weight. Also, a WDH can't compensate for a TV or TT being over it's weight limits.

As stated, the 29ft length of the 26BH in concert with the short wheel base of the Durango is less than ideal even under the best towing conditions, and IMO the 4.7L engine (normally linked a high gear ratio for economy) will be under-powered for the task.

This is just my personal opinion, but I would look into a lighter TT (or HTT), or larger TV that would provide you with a safer and more comfortable towing experience.

As you make your future TV/TT purchase decisions, always work with potential "loaded weights", don't use UVW or dry weights.


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My opinion? I towed a 4500 pound boat with my Durango (replaced with a Tundra before I got my 26BH) and it was nerve racking. The boat pushed that poor thing down the hills (no brakes on the trailer) and my up hill speed was that of a cement truck. Plus, my mpg was 5!!!! Also, when you lower the onto the hitch the rear end drops a good foot.
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Thumbs up

I would say the 26BH would be too much for the TV. I have a 2011 26BH with a Dodge Ram 1500 5.7ltr Hemi.

It will tow some where around 11,000 lbs. I had a class 3 hitch (500,5000, 800,8000 w/WDH) and upgraded to a class 5 (1200,12000 - 1500,15000 w/WDH) because I was concerned about overloading the HW on the class 3 hitch once the TT was full.

Might just be me but I like the 80% rule. Leave 20% buffer to the unknown so I can sleep at night.
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Test Pull

I do not have the numbers as far as whether this is a good combination or not. So I will not determine that for you. I will share my experience in the hope that it will help you make a good decision.

I was a little anxious about my combo when I bought mine last winter. I told the dealer that since I was receiving mixed reviews from persons on a forum that I wanted to take the trailer for a test pull. I told them which route I wanted to take it on and told them that if it pulled to my satisfaction I would purchase it. I took it on some of the steepest hills I could find within (there are no steeper hills within 400 miles of where I live). I stopped in the middle of the hill and started from a dead crawl. I practiced braking and slowing way down then accelerating. I loaded all of the gear that I planned to take in the trailer into my truck. I know it is not the same as loading it into the trailer but it at least gave me an idea of what the weight would be like. Between the salesman and my brother in law (I took my brother in law because he has been pulling a 5th wheel for 15 years and would have a pretty good idea based on how the truck pulled whether or not it was up to the task) both over 200lbs I got an idea of how the truck cab would be loaded with my wife and 2 kids. Who don't come close to 450-500 lbs of people. While it was not a perfect test it was as close a simulation as I could create. I also had them weigh the trailer before I pulled it so that I had an accurate empty (but with all of the accessories and loaded propane tanks) weight. I weighed the majority of my gear loaded in my truck and my truck empty but with a full tank of gas (both times) to get an idea of how much my gear weighed. Again not as good as weighing the trailer with all of my gear in it but I got a pretty good idea. So far besides a couple of bag chairs and some sand toys I am still carrying all the same gear in the tt. I am within 500 lbs of my max weight, is it ideal no. But for the camping I do and the fact that 90% of the pulling I do is on flat land and with in 10 - 50 miles of where I store the trailer it works for me. I know that I would not be happy with this combo through the rocky mountains but.... I have no plans to pull it that far for three reasons. One at 8 miles a gallon divided by 600 miles = 75 gallons x 4.00 gal = 300.00 one way and 600.00 round trip I dont have that kind of money right now. I have 3 children under the age of 6 I think a 12 hour road trip with three children that age might be defined as a hot place where some persons go after death. And number three I really don't have a good combination for a trip like that. When my family is ready to make some trips like that I will have a more capable tow vehicle.

Just be sure you are not way overloaded and that the trailer pulls safely. I think you also have to ask yourself how you plan to use the trailer as part of your decision.
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I would say More TV or less TT. I think the combo you are attempting to put together will be hard on the TV and give you an unpleasant towing experience. If you can step down a little in size on the tt, I think you may want to look at a 19bh like I have. Its the same floorplan as a 26bh minus the queen bed in the front. I tow it with a v8 Mountaineer (similar to your Durango in size, weight, wheelbase and hp) and it tows like a champ.

Traded IN 19BH......;-( Miss It!

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