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Bill glad to hear it's not anything more serious than age. I don't so much hate getting old. As my grandfather used to say, any damn fool can be young, so getting old ain't so bad, but the falling apart just sucks.

NY RVer, I relax too.......almost to the point of falling asleep. I usually have at least 1 MRI annually. So far this year I've had 5 already........with another 6 months, who knows I could set a new record this year.

I have a condition called Acromegaly resulting from a pituitary tumor they discovered in 2000. In simple terms it causes the body to produce an overabundance of HGH (human growth hormone). In adolescents it results in giantism. In adults it attacks the soft tissues (organs, muscles, tendons, joints, etc., etc.). Normally, by time it is diagnosed, most patients are to the point of almost incapacitated. I was lucky, I pushed on in my Architectural career for almost 9 more years. Now I'm on full disability. So far this year (May and April), I've gone through an Occipital Lobe Craniotomy and a full hip replacement, thus the record setting MRI attempt...... and Bill, havinfun is right, it does sound like you had at the least a minor allergic reaction to the contrasting agent. Be sure a tell any future techs if you have to any more scans about the reaction.....it can and usually does get worse with each instance. Severe reactions can lead to cardiac arrest.

Just a suggestion for those of you that are experiencing the joint and muscle pains of our advancing years.....on the 1-10 pain scale a normal day for me is 5-6. Over the past 14 years of battling this condition (no cure, just treatment and control... which we have achieved), I've come to accept this daily situation and have adapted to the greatest extent. Something I count on almost daily is simple Tai Chi exercises

The routine for beginners and seniors is really easy to pick up and has helped me tremendously maintain my joint movements, flexibility and keeping my muscles elongated. A former employer, who was fighting rheumatoid arthritis, turned me onto it.

You can only take so many cortisone shots and they wear off.....while you don't feel much pain anymore, the damage is still going on because the condition is still present......preventive in lieu of reactive treatments are better for our bodies.

You might look into it Bill........the slow rhythmic movements and breathing elements of the exercise causes no impact results and helps keep the joints limber and the muscles and tendons stretched. If I've learned anything in the past 14 years, it's when it comes to our health and our medical treatment, we are our own best advocates and first line of defense..........doctors and meds are the second line.

Bill, I hope the best for you man........I know for sure just how bad that pain in the back can get.

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Hey, I'm feeling better every day now. I had to take one muscle relaxer yesterday morning, and none today. My back started to seize up a little today after some contorting at work, but I popped a few ibuprofens, rested a while, and all was well.

Yeah, it sucks getting old(er). Can't stop the process, no matter how hard I try.

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Glad to hear you're improving Bill....

Steve and Lisa
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