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Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
That is where I would disagree. All those issues should have been checked and addressed before the unit ever left the lot. As was mentioned above the dealer is supposed to do a thorough (and that means checking everything) PDI before telling the customer to come pick-up the unit.
I have to disagree also. The only thing this dealer is interested in doing is getting you out of there and not having to take back a defective unit. I would start and maintain a paper trail throughout this process.. I would also take the PDI and find every item that you have found and if it is checked off as working, have him explain why he sold you a trailer that was going to break immediately after passing the PDI and you taking possession.

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Hey everybody....So here is the update. The manager has decided to allow us to get another brand new trailer. The catch is they say its going to cost us money. The thing they are holding over our head is that it is a concession they are making us by providing a new trailer. There are no 2013 models left and the dealer is receiving 2014 models. Our choice is the Whitehawk 2014 28DSBH or the only other that they have, with similar floor plan, the Coleman Explorer 2013 CTU281BH. The Coleman is nice and feels to me anyways to be more solid. The only thing is the new Whitehawk will cost us $600 and the Coleman $1200. We had to beg the manager to allow us the credit of the paint protection/fabric protection towards the new unit as we spent a pretty penny getting it on our 2013 Whitehawk. We also purchased a slide topper that was $750 for the 2013 which they originally were not going to credit us for it and then after we pleaded agreed to give us half of our money back towards a new slide topper. We also spent $350 towards a hide-a-bed sofa in our 2013 which they will not credit us and are making us pay for one if we want one in the new unit. I can't believe that the dealer will not just comp the cost of the slide topper and hide-a-bed and be done with it but they won't. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the option of a new unit but I think Jayco should admit, given what has happened, that the unit was a lemon and take care of us but they insist it is still only a warranty issue. Depending on what Jayco says on the phone on Tuesday will help me decide whether to stay with Jayco or move over to the Coleman. I hope Jayco will pitch in some money to make the transition to a new Whitehawk easier. What do you think we should do???????????????????

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I doubt you will see anymore money from Jayco, I would still go with the Jayco there are a lot more happy owners than unhappy owners. Keep in mind that you will probably experience a few glitches with any new trailer you get, that is just they way trailers are. Jayco has a 2 year warrranty I am not sure about coleman but i would expect only one and when we have our trailers parked for 5-6 months that is a big difference to me, and one of the reasons we went with a Jayco. I would deal with the service guy that you had the best response from in the future. A thank you for stepping up to back a product will go a long ways too. I should go look at the trailer to see what story the sales guy tells me. I doubt it will be that it was returned because it kept falling apart. Hopefully this helps you out a bit.
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Derek I would have to agree....we are leaning towards the jayco but I'm concerned about the quality. I would love to hear from anyone who has picked up a new Jayco 28dsbh 2014.
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Wow, sounds like u have bad nothing but issues with the trailer and the dealer. I hope they make it right for u and ur family and step up to the llaye
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Sorry to hear about our problems with the new trailer. It must have been built on the Friday before a long weekend at 4:30 in the afternoon, after an extended lunch hour at the pub, from some new employees.......

I have a first run 2012 28DSBH whitehawk and must admit that I knew going in that buying any trailer would not be perfect. Yes we pay a lot of money but still I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect trailer. That being said what is happening to you is ridiculous. But at least they are wiling to help you out with a new trailer albeit still a pain in the *** .

As for our trailer.... as expected it has had some minor flaws ( built on a Tuesday ) but it has held up very well.

If it was me in your situation I would still give Jayco another try.

Have you called Jayco directly ? If so what did they say?

Here's hoping things go well for you.

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Took our 2013 28DSBH out for 3 days this weekend and really had a good time and no issues. This is my 2nd trip and so far (knock on wood) we have not had any problems. I am biased towards Jayco since I had a PUP before moving up to the 28DSBH and I researched and went to RV shows for 3 years before deciding to buy a Jayco. Just my 2 cents. I really feel bad you had so many issues with yours, but if you read some of the other forums, none of the RV manufacturers are perfect, there is always somebody who bought one that has major problems. Good luck with whatever decision you choose, I hope it works out for you and your family.
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Thanks for the input guys,,,,I do realize that no trailer is perfect. I am looking forward to checking out the new 2014 Whitehawk and I still want to stay optimistic about Jayco and their products. Will let you all know how it goes. Again, anyone with a new 2014 Whitehawk 28DSBH feel free to weigh in with your experience and first impressions.
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So I thought I would share an update on the trailer front...just got off the phone with Jayco customer service rep Brian Smith who has agreed to pay the $600 difference the dealer wanted to charge us for a new 2014 model. Im very appreciative that Jayco has stepped up to help resolve this situation. The hard part to swallow is we are still out $1,000 as the dealer agreed to cut the price in half of a new slide topper for when the new unit arrives but we will lose the $750 on the original slide topper and the $350 upgrade we paid for the hide-a-bed. We have decided to not get the hide-a-bed in the new one as we just cant afford another $350. Stay tuned.
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Sounds like a good deal to me. I know you are out a $1000.00 but just think of it as an upgrade :/ new year
sucks but I see good faith from both dealer and Jayco both.

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