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CR@P - got me again !!!

BURGELED AGAIN !!! ........ Someone got away with an XM Radio, and a 4" BUCK knife that I've had since 79' !! - They were on the front seat of my truck, and sometime either Friday or Saturday evening, they opened my unlocked pass door and rifled through the cab. Truck was in my driveway ... Mostly my fault as I have an older truck without electric door locks - I 'always' lock my drivers door, but sometimes I forget to walk around to the pass door and lock it also ..... this time it bit me.

There's been a couple of young men in the neighborhood recently that I don't recognize - can't help but wonder.

XM radio can be replaced - the knife, a folding BUCK in a black leather case was a gift from my, now deceased, boss. This is not the first time my truck has been hit ...... time for video surveillance - systems are cheap these days. You HAVE to consider that the same person COULD have attempted entry into my home with that knife...... good thing for him he didn't. There are some things that I'm experienced in, and totally confident and equipped to handle ..... other things still throw me - like the failing morality in our country these days. Life shouldn't have to be a constant 'defense' posture.

There's NOTHING more exciting than to be shot at .... and missed.
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Sorry to here about that knife and don't you just hate having to be on guard all the time.

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Been there done that. It is not a good feeling. I also had a 38 snub nose special stolen. Truck was locked and they jimmied the pass door. When the police finally showed up he said well what we can hope for is whoever did this, will shoot himself in the foot, and cut himself with the knife. Maybe when he trys to light a smoke with the Bic lighter that it will blow up in his face. That has been about 12 years ago and have never heard anything else.
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Sorry about your loss , it is a shame there are those out there that just sleep all day and steal all night.
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Unfortunately Ottor, we live in a entitlement society where many think they are entitled to your property if they want it. Add to that demographic the meth heads, crack heads and just plain whack heads and you have a formidable demographic out there who will not think twice about stealing your stuff. Surveillance systems are cheap, security lights are cheap... I have both, along with short barrel shotgun for home defense. And even though we have handgun in the house, I'm at the point where I'm ready to go get my carry permit. We've already had one neighbor who was beaten and robbed in his own front yard while he was out mowing the grass.

The doors stay locked even when we're home........it's sad, but that's what it has become.
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In the old days we would hook up a old ford spark coil to the truck frame and that would shock the pudding out of them.. Sometimes even out of us when I forgot to turn it off with hidden switch hehe...

I guess these days you would probably be the one that went jail for hurting them I reckon...

My truck is main lock up storage for camping trips. I kept everything in it that I don't want to lose. This is also where I keep my spare keys for everything.

This truck has the push button door entrance which is real handy...

At home I guess it is getting worse and worse with the poor economy and everyone wanting more drugs. My truck sits locked in the driveway under a motion detector yard light. About all the security I have here.

When camping I have a similar setup for outside trailer lights using a motion detector sensor. This probably just gives them better light to work under.

Roy Ken
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"We're burning daylight" - John Wayne
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i know the feeling, its sucks. call sirius-xm and tell them it was stolen , maybe they canmake it so it cant be activated again. also if it was stuff like that check you local pawn shop. it was prob a crack head looking for quick cash
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doesn't have to be a crack head

With all of the peer pressure and sales pressure to have the newest iphone, baggie shorts or to just pay for gas, easy money (or thrill stealing) is what they're after. I agree about society today, and I once saw a bumpersticker that said "losing faith in humanity, one person at a time". Graffiti on everything/anything is too common. Not just in the US. I was astounded to see how much there was in europe. A member of our group had some bum in athens try to unzip her backpack while she was wearing it, but someone said something to him and he walked away. Our friend never even saw him.
We don't have this kind of element here in rural montana. Never lock truck or trailer in the driveway, but when in town or elsewhere the defenses go up. Oh, and I do have a carry permit.
I have probably the same old buck knife, used to belong to my grandfather, and to think some shmuck would have it would make me sick/angry.
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Keep an eye on Craigslist in your area and even eBay. These criminal types aren't the brightest and your items may just show up.

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The radio surprises me, inthat they are standard in all new vehicles and can't be worth $20. The knife, I feel your pain, hopefully they will cut off a finger with it.

You might want to invest in a trail cam to hang out of sight on the corner of your garage or tree near your driveway. Would have given you a picture of your thief. Don't worry about my vehicles here at home. Its a couple hundred yards down a blind private drive and someone has to be pretty ball'zy to play around near my house. I routinely shoot at targets off my back deck so my neighbors [none nearer than 1/4 mile] all know my stuff is protected by Glock and his friend Mr Rem 870.

I do make a point of not leaving special stuff like your knife out where it can be lost or stolen. I'd be more likely to misplace it but either way it would be gone. Had a fishing knife that had been my Dads and kept it in a travel tackle box that I took in the camper. Set it on the ground behind the station wagon after fishing with the kids on an outing out in Colorado. Remembered running over what I thought was a rock as I backed out of the parking area but didn't figure it out until we got back to the CG about 20 miles away. Nope not there when I returned but like you all the misc stuff could be replaced for a few bucks. The knife found a new home.

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