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Help!!! No 12V power to anything...

Sorry for the long post, but I'm in a bind...

I'm a new owner of a 2016 X19H Hybrid. In December, I had dropped it off to have a few things repaired under warranty at the local dealer where I'd purchased. Everything went well and I returned to pick it up. Unbeknownst to me, they had readjusted the foot on the electric tongue jack. This resulted in bottoming out the jack when I was hooking up to take her home. No damage to the jack. Just lost power to everything 12v DC. I assumed I blew a fuse somewhere.

After further inspection, I cannot seem to find a fuse to replace. The power center inside has a 40 and 30 amp fuse (in addition to the 5 other 15 amp fuses that feed the various circuits). All of these fuses test fine with a continuity test.

I stopped by the dealer and discussed my situation with one of the service writers. He said that there should be a fuse located on the A frame near the battery. My memory was telling me that there was nothing in the area that even remotely looked like a fuse. So, to prove my point to him, we took a walk out onto his lot to look at another X19H. Nope. No fuse. The wiring goes from the battery into an 1-1/4" flexible conduit along with the propane hose and heads through the frame into the enclosed underbelly (on mine). This particular unit had an open underbelly and I could see that the wires almost immediately head up into the camper where the WH is located. Unfortunately, this unit was also locked. And we didn't have a key handy.

After returning home, further inspection found no fuse in the compartment with the WH, nor were there any fuses on any of the wiring between the WH compartment to the power unit.

So, I guess my question boils down to, Is there a main power fuse on my model? If so, where the heck is it? I've already contacted Jayco and gotten copies of the AC and DC wiring diagrams, no luck. I've also called back and discussed it further with their tech dept., still no luck. They're s'posed to call me back after "doing some digging".


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Are you plugged in to shore power? Or your tow vehicle?

How do you know there is no damage to the jack if you don't have any 12V power?

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Look for a small black inline fuse holder a few inches from the battery, up front as originally described by the dealer. Failing that, given your description of what led up to the problem, look VERY closely at the battery wiring, and the wiring up front. Could be a chassis ground has pulled loose, too.


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Hello WrightsCornerCamper. Several years ago my husband and I had the exact same problem with our Forest River Salem trailer. The problem was not a fuse or a breaker. It was a small black box with a red reset button, located under the rig, on the driver's side where the tongue meets the chassis. Our sharp service tech crawled under the rig to look for this reset button. Once he located it and pressed reset we were back in business. Over the years my husband has used that hidden reset button on a few other occasions as well. Perhaps you have something like this too. Good luck.
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Mine has a 30amp circuit breaker mounted on the frame instead of a main fuse at the battery. One of the line was not tightened down enough and it caused the connections to overheat and fail. There should be something (fuse or breaker) on the wire between the battery and where it runs through the frame in case of a short.
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First disconnect the cables at the battery (negative first then positive) Definitely do a "hand-over-hand" (physically touching the cable) for the entire run to feel for any knicks, cuts, bulges anything to cause a short. If you can't not a huge deal, but move on to... Next, do a continuity test on the positive lead from end at the battery and disconnect the other end and test there. If it's under an ohm, that's good, higher than that, you have a short, an open reading means that there is a disconnect of some sort (fuse, circuit breaker or cable disconnect)

I can clarify anything if needed, but the dealer should already be doing this, as well as adding a fuse within 12" of the battery rated for the whole system if one isn't found
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This is an Industry Safety requirement where a FUSE or an AUTO CIRCUIT BREAKER to be installed in the main battery cable near the battery terminals. The older RV setups used an IN-LINE FUSE Assy while the newer RV's use a CIRCUIT BREAKER feature that is autoreset or manual reset.

This is required to protect the longer battery cable in the event that a frame short has occurred on the 12V Distribution Panel end of install. Your battery bank can produce a very large amount of DC CURRENT when dead shorted to frame ground and could set your longer battery cable on fire if not protected.

Since you do not have the underbelly membrane to worry about you should be able to hand trace the longer battery cable from the Positive battery terminal all the way to the 12VDC Power Distribution Panel or Converter/charger unit.

The inline fuse might look similar to this

A small CIRCUIT BREAKER attached to the battery terminal might look like this. Some of these may be AUTO RESET and others will have a button on them for manual reset

Some may have a larger rated Circuit Breaker mounted to the trailer frame close to the battery bank like this one. You RESET this one by pushing in on the RED button.

The battery cable has to be protected from failure there somewhere...

With Shore Power turned OFF using a DC Mulitmeter measuring the DC VOLTS on the battery terminals and then walking back towards the 12VDC Power Distribution Panel is very helpful tracking this kinda of problem down as well...

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OK. So here's where I stand. I've checked everything out that everyone has mentioned. Still no power and everything checks out. I even went back to the dealership and attended one of their "De-Winterization Seminars". Not because I needed to know how to de-winterize my camper, but because I knew there would be techs there that I could pick their brains.

After explaining my situation to the techs (I spoke to two different ones) and examining another X19H on the lot, I think the consensus is that the power unit is bad. So, now I have to call the Service Dept. and try to get this repaired before our first scheduled camping trip. Fun, fun, fun...
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I had a similar challenge. I brought my new rig home, and in the second day, decided to plug it in. 2 minutes later, poof, no power. Found the blown fuse, replaced, blew again. Power center was shorted out.... Waranty!
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It's fixed!!! I had some more time to get out there and look at it again before I was supposed to drop it off at the dealership later this week. So, I went out there and really dug into it to see where the fuse was.

After physically touching and attempting to trace each and every wire I could, I discovered the fuse. It took around an hour and I was practically on my head in the front dinette when I found it tucked away between two false walls (one was the back of the dinette storage area and the other was the front "nose" storage area accessible from the outside door). As I pulled the cover off of the fuse, it was obvious that the fuse was blown. Once it was replaced, everything works as it should.

So, persistence was the key. Thank you, everyone, for the assistance. :-)

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