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Do they really work sway control

I was wondering those who have a Hensley or Pro Ride tow system. Does it work, how do you like it and was it worth the price. Considering buying one but the price is high. If they are really with it, then I would pro ally get one. But then witch out of the two is better.


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My dealer is pushing the Blue Ox Pro Sway. He said its cheaper then the Hensley, less set up than the Hensley, and works almost as well for a fraction of the price. FWIW.

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I have a cheaper friction sway control and I'll tell you it made a HUGE difference! If it was a $1000 system I'd still pay it as I do believe it saved my life adding 1
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When I bought my Eagle, I was going to go with just a beefed up insert, and forego the wd/sc hitch. They are pricey, and my truck already has wd & sway control. Then I got to thinking: How much are you paying for this trailer? How much did you pay for the truck? Do you really want to "cheap out" on the only link between the two? My dealer carries Husky, so that's what I went with. Makes a lot of noise, but it's been too cold to lube it & fine-tune the friction-style sway control. It's another form of insurance. Hopefully, you'll never find out if you really needed it.
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That Blue Ox isn't cheap at $799 installed w/ the bars that I'd need for my relatively light trailer.
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I found a used ProPride for a very reasonable price and just installed it on my trailer last week. I haven't towed with it yet, but from everyone I've talked to (I researched them for three years), they truly are worth whatever price you pay for them. I think on a large trailer like the OP has, it will make a substantial difference. I will be taking a trip in a few weeks and will give a report back then. I am fully expecting to come back and say something along the lines of 'works just like everyone said that it would, and well worth the money.'

Keep an eye on Craigslist and see if you can score one for fairly cheap. I've seen them advertised from anywhere between $1,000 and $1,800, both of which are quite a bit cheaper than new. If you can find one local, you can save the $200 or so that it costs to ship such a large piece of equipment.
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I am a newby to the world of RV, but I will offer my experience to date.

I am not an engineer and so don’t understand all of the issues. However, I did a lot of reading on this. I got the Equal-I-Zer and sized it so that my load is about 80% of the hitch capacity.

We only had our travel trailer one season; already had one instance where I was thankful for the sway control hitch. A semi-truck loaded with logs flew by us on a two lane road in West Virginia going way over the speed limit; it cut in front of us to avoid running into a car in the oncoming lane, hitting the brakes hard (smoke rolled off the trailer tires). My trailer never swayed; there was no sway when the semi flew by and there was no sway as I braked hard.

My shorts were so brown I didn’t even try to clean them; I swear I could count the rings in the cut end of the logs stacked on the trailer when he flew by and cut in front of me. I realize that this was not the reality; but perception sure means a lot at the moment!

The Equal-I-Zer got the job done and at a good price.
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A friend of ours was actually thinking of selling their TT as the swaying was a real issue even with the friction sway control. Not sure which Hensley they went with, but they said the difference was night and day. According to them, you get what you pay for.

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I have flipped a 33' TT, towing at speed on the Interstate with a regular length Ford E350 and a standard WD hitch & sway control. Not a fun day, but nobody was hurt and when the dust and ammonia vapor cleared (the fridge cooling system was ruptured when the trailer was righted) I wanted to do better the next time. On that day, for me, Friction Sway Control was not very effective at controlling sway. I’d been towing almost 10 years at that point and in my opinion, Friction Sway control is almost, but not completely, useless. It’s not dampening any sway, in the engineering sense, it's just friction added to the system. When it was developed, it was the most reasonable way to try and control sway, but that was 50+ years ago.
My next TT was 34' and I wanted the best, and at that time (2005) that meant a Hensley. I bought it used and installed it myself at the dealership where I bought my new trailer, so I really knew how it worked and went together. Towing home from Nevada to the SF Bay, I got to see what it was like to tow 34' with Semi's, high winds and curves. In a word: Awesome. I never felt any buffeting from big trucks, there was no "suck in" when they passed or I passed them, the trailer was unaffected by anything we take as the "normal" disturbances. I could not be more pleased. For the next eight years, the Hensley meant that I did not worry about my trailer going out of control, EVER. It provided great peace of mind, and in a very proactive way.
I think that if you have a long tall trailer, a Hensley is a very good investment. If you have a marginal tow vehicle, get a better vehicle. If you want to never worry about external forces effecting how your trailer tracks and tows, get a Hensley.
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Is it safe to assume that the longer, heavier, and higher your trailer sits, the higher the chances of sway? Assuming tongue weight is appropriate.

I'm towing a relatively short and light trailer. I'll be outfitting it w/ that Blue Ox Sway Pro WDH. My dealer tells me its the best hitch they sell; granted there are better hitches out there but he maintains for my rig I'm well into the safe/comfortable zone.

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