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Led tv

I have a LED 48" TV in my 2015 travel trailer, I am wondering
If I should leave it there over the winter. There is no heat
In the trailer and the temperature will drop well below zero.
The trailer is all winterized but it would be no problem to
Remove it.

Tks in Advance


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I bring mine in......, but here is another thread on the same subject that may be helpful:




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TV's are not harmed by low temps in any way. They are shipped and stored in unheated trucks and warehouses all over the world.

There are likely at any given time 10000 trailers sitting on dealers lots through out the winter in the US and Canada. I highly doubt these dealers are pulling all these TV's.

Likely unless yours was just made it sat through a winter anyway without harm

just make sure you let it come up to room temps before you turn it on or you will get condensation
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Won't the liquid crystals freeze and break something?
I told my CEO sis-in-law that after turnng her new LCD TV upside down to install the stand that she would have to wait 24 hours before turning it on so the liquid could all rain back down to the bottom. She bit. I let her off the hook after a while.
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actually the TV in question isn't even a liquid crystal display , which are still safe to leave in freezing temps, it is a Light emitting diode display. Same stuff as your awning lights and interior lights. they stay in all year
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LEDs are ok for cold storage, LCDs are not. There is a liquid based material within the screen of an LCD (liquid crystal display) which will freeze and expand and crack just like water ice. Aquos says in their manuals that their LCD TVs (televisions yall) are good to -4 f. I don't know about the temp. of any others but they all with freeze at some point. I have a LED TV and don't worry about it. Just be aware that some LED TVs are LCD TVs with LED backlights (not a true LED TV) i.e. still a LCD TV.
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LCD's are actual not liquid. Liquid crystals when subjected to electricity will flow like liquid.
Using and storing are 2 different things

If it makes you feel great, pull it but remember the TV's you have were likely shipped in an unheated container and then a transport truck and they are fine.

Like I said above there are many thousand Rv's sitting on dealers lots in sub zero temps and I am quite positive dealers are not pulling all the TV's. If there was a chance of damage to thousands of dollars in inventory I am sure they would.

But I wouldn't listen to me...I drink water from my taps,leave my fridge on while fueling up,leave my door unlocked, don't wear gloves dumping my tanks, leave my awning out tethered in storms and don't have power protection.

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Here is one of many articles which can easily be found on the web: https://rv-roadtrips.thefuntimesguide...een_lcd_tv.php
LCDs do indeed freeze and may crack, it depends on the manufacturer and other factors. Here is a fairly reasonable explanation as to what a liquid crystal display (LCD) is: https://www.howstuffworks.com/lcd.htm LCDs do have liquid properties (AND WILL FREEZE like water) and crystalline properties hence the name liquid crystal. I have 35 years experience as an electrical engineer and counting... The bottom line is don't expose the LCD TV to freezing temps. If you do you are asking for it. It may not work right ever again.
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Most manufacturers spec their LDC and LED TV storage temps at between -4F and 113F (20-45C). I see a lot of discussion on various forums about bringing the TV in during the winter in the northern states. However, I see none about bringing it in during the summer in the southern states. I would imaging that the temp in trailers left outside in Arizona, Florida, etc in the summer could easily get above 140F. That is way above the spec of 113F. How many people in the southern states bring their RV or boat TV into the house in the summer? How many trucks have heaters to keep the TVs warm when delivering them to stores in the north in the winter? They could easily sit in a truck for a few days at temps way below -4F.
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LED TVs are also LCD TVs. It's an LCD screen with LED backlighting.

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