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Should I join the 3/4 ton diesel club$$$$?

Hi-advice please.
Should I buy a 3/4 ton deisel. I am towing a 5500lb trailer- then add average cargo for average famx2 kids.
I'm towing w a Nissan Titan w 7000lb max. I feel the need to upgrade to a 3/4 2500 diesel dodge/ford/gmc. They are sooo expensive, and I'm not in construction so I can't write any of it off tax wise?

Short story. Bought a 154bh, then realizing I needed a bigger truck than the fams suv- rapidly pulled the trigger on a Nissan Titan. Worked perfect. Within 6 months we admitted we'd bought to small a camper- I went to trade for a 184bh- but
way bigger w a 23mbh. 2000 lb to 5500lbs overnight.
I've towed the big camper for a year now w no problems except for a few times(very hi wind- up big hills w air on on full). I service the **** out of it even tho there's only 15000 miles on it.
I'm now looking to bigger, farther journeys( weeks on end, 1000+ mile trips.
Bottom line. I'm paid up in full and relatively happy, but know I'm pushing/asking a lot from my1/2ton.
Should I go 50k into debt n buy the inevitable diesel monster?

Sorry for being long winded��

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So long as your vehicle is reliable and you are towing within GCWR and GVWR specs, it's mostly about preference.

I can say from experience, going from a 1/2 ton to a 3/4 ton Diesel with a 5K trailer is a night/day change of experience. I honesty don't think you need Diesel, though, especially if money is a concern. A 3/4 ton Gas truck will pull 5K very nicely.

I did opt for the Diesel, and I don't regret it for a moment, but then again, the money wasn't much of a concern for me at the time. Also note, Diesels not only cost more to buy, they cost more to run. The maintenance is not cheap, nor is the fuel these days.

The right answer is the one that lets you sleep peacefully at night.

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NO -- you should not go in debt to buy a diesel.

Your 23MBH is a decent sized travel trailer, but not so big it would automaticlly push you to a 3/4.

Don't get me wrong, pulling with a diesel is night and day improvement over a gasser. When I made the change I was able to find a 5 year old duramax with 85k miles, the truck was exactly what I wanted and I got it for ~$25k. After selling my 1500 it was pretty easy to save up the difference so I could get the truck without debt. There is no way I would go out a finance $50-$60k on a new truck.
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Thx for the advice

Thank you guys for quelling my concerns.
I took the 1/2ton Titan to a tranny specialist when I bought the bigger rig n he said don't worry, there's enough fans on that to cool the fires of mordor
But then you'll get to a campsite n you'll get the 'huh-towing THAT w a 1/2 ton from the guy w the tank.
I got into this TT lifestyle to spend 20k n givr a great experience for my kids, not spend their collage fund.

On the other hand, I hate pulling 80% capacity. That's why I keep looking for a great deal on the 3/4 diesel.

It's pushing ang pulling me(pun intended)
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For you it is a choice only you have to make. I have the 23rb and pull it with a Toyota Tundra by choice. I also have a F350 dually diesel that I use sometimes.With my rv I feel no difference in towing with either truck. The Toyota averages 9 mpg and the F350 11.Considering the price of diesel it costs about the same to drive either one.
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If the financial resources are there and long trips are in the future, I'd be looking at a used 2500 gasser to tug my 27DSRL. I've never been a diesel guy and would be hesitant to go that route myself, but to each his own. My local dealer has a certified pre-owned 2015 Silverado 4-door 2500 with the 6.0 and 467 miles on it with a window price of $37995. By the time negotiating's all done on something like that, it's going to fall into the same territory as my 2010 1500 cost me as new back then. For the difference in quality of tow and daily driveability, I don't see how this wouldn't be the best way to go for my next truck.
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When my wife and I upgraded from a tent trailer to our first TT back in 2004 we had a Chevy Tahoe for our TV. It did a pretty good job of towing our new 24FB. Later, that same year, I bought a used 2001 F-250 7.3L Diesel. It was overkill for our 24' trailer, but what a difference in towing. I am a firm believer in Diesel. So much easier! Fast forward to 2015.....We had been wanting to upgrade to a roomier, more couple friendly floor plan. Everything finally worked out and we sold our old 24 and bought a brand new 29RKS. I am now testing the limits of my old 3/4 ton's GCWR/GVWR and am wishing that I would have bought a F-350. I can't afford to upgrade my truck at this point so the 250 will have to do.

My point is that, like most other families, we got started in RV'ing as a way to spend some quality time with the kids as they grew up. Now that 2/3 of them are grown and gone we are finding that this is a pretty fun "couples" hobby also. Think about your future plans when you buy your TV it may save you some hassle down the road. Just my 2 cents worth.
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I'll probably get ridiculed for bringing this up, but I'll go ahead and do it anyway....

I know several guys that are getting rid of diesel trucks and going back to gas. These are guys that work these trucks for a living. The 6.4 Ram is a game changer.

The federal government has pretty much ruined diesel trucks in this nation.
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Thank you all for the advice

I just assumed that's the way it always went, looking at all the 3/4 tons (both gas/diesel) in the campground. I know diesel is way pricier/somewhat bumpier ride/expensive maintence...BUT cheaper fuel and can take on any road without breaking a sweat and will run for 500,000 miles n more.
I didn't realize the 6.4 hemi engine was such a competitor efficiency wise.
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SO glad we upgraded to a GMC Z71 diesel, the off-road hill descent means hardly any braking and as the DW, far less white-knuckling and more 'enjoying the view'! Gotta love the "exhaust brake" and "trailering" functions, they made tackling California I-5 (Grapevine), Yosemite's CA-140, and Santa Cruz CA-17 a breeze. BTW, the package we got gave us a gorgeous interior - seats 5 and feels like a sedan.

"I just go where I'm towed to"

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