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Originally Posted by Krazyboutcampin View Post
I have heard that the bunk ends doors were made flat for years, over time laying on them they bowed. Then when you closed them there could be a gap causing sealing issues. They reverse bowed them so when laying on them over time they would stay bowed, or be closer to flat eliminating a gap.
Not sure where you heard that but our '03 had flat bed doors as does our '13. Never heard of them bowing by laying on them. They are VERY sturdy and rigid. I wouldn't worry about it. At least this is not an issue on Jaycos.

I do like the slight dome to the roof on our 2013. Also the older hybrids had 2 roof seams with screws holding a molding down. That moldings are covered by Dicor. I believe 2012 on up there is only one such seam. One less place to develop leaks due to dried out Dicor.

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We have a 2014 X23B. We have travelled coast to coast and from Texas to Alaska. Here are my observations. The shower is useless. Water goes everywhere. Ours was initially very hard on tires, until we had the axles aligned. It must have come from the factory that way because we never hit any big potholes or jumped any curbs.

Roof inspection last year revealed some cracked caulk which was repaired with some wide eternabond tape.

The awning collects water when rolled up which results in mildew over the summer.

All of these trailers have issues from time to time so don't take this as we are unhappy with out X23B. We love it. All the electrical components have worked flawlessly, it tows extremely we'll with our 5.7 liter Tundra, no leaks, the AC takes a while to catch up after a long days drive when it is hot, but once it catches up it works fine, easy to winterize.

Hope you find one and enjoy it as much as we have.

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Ed thanks for the information. I have been looking at the 23B for years always liking the floor plan and space. I would agree the weak area is the shower. I read some people have soft spots in floors near the kitchen and bath. Unsure if that is two separate issues like water in bathroom, or leaking around AC, and high traffic areas in kitchen and lamites are coming apart? have you heard of this issues?
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Have not experienced soft floors in our camper. Would not be surprised though if they are using the shower. We tried it one time and haven't used it since. On the other hand we occasionally do some off-grid camping in national forests and have used the outdoor shower several times.
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I have a 19XUD hybrid and we had problems with the shower because of the crappy leaking shower curtain. Figured out a mod using PVC and installed a shower curtain rod that can use traditional hangers, with an inner vinyl liner and outside shower curtain. No more water problems.
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If i was ever to go back to a hybrid, the X23B would be at the top of my list ....... the floorplan that has stood the test of time! Been there since day one of the Kiwi, and not a whole lot of change when it comes to the floorplan. The Jayco Hybrid has. Changes in the roof, changes in the frame, the cables holding the bunks instead of the poles. Early to midlife Jayco Hybrids suffered from water damage, mainly due to lack of maintenance. No, totally due to lack of maintenance. The leaky A/C seals were common ( u need to tighten bolts from time to time), plus the cracking dried up dicor silicone at front and back because original designs had the rear and front fiberglass panels meeting the rubber roof with a silicone sealing between the two. The bubbled inside ceiling panels helped one realize there was a water issue! If you are buying a used one, look at the shelves at both ends near the ceiling..... look for the bubbles. Look inside the storage areas for discolored linolium flooring. Thats a dead giveaway. The bed ends are the least of your worries ...... they have been able to take the weight since day one. It's the leaks, but a well maintained 23b can be a great buy and bring you many years of fun. As for the shower ...... i have owned many Jaycos, and the only shower i have ever used was this summer ..... the outside shower. I for one will never use my inside shower ..... water and RV's are like oil n water ..... use the campground showe, or heck, use the outside with a shelter
We sure love those Jayflights!
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Not knowing what your price range is, but we bought a brand new 2018 X23B on 30 Jun for just under $21K. I've seen others posting here paying under that by a fair margin. Don't sell yourself short, if your can go 12-15 for a used unit, might be able for a full on new one. Having the peace of mind that you have a factory warranty is worth it IMHO. We camped with our little Viking pop up for 8 years, and have been shopping for an X23B for the last 5. When we got home from Memorial Day weekend this year, my DW said "we're buying a new camper." I did not argue, just cleaned the Viking up and started advertising it. Sold it within a week for $1000 less than I paid for it 8 years ago. After it sold we started seriously shopping and found our deal. We could not be happier with our new trailer. I do have a couple issues that will be addressed over the winter.
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Have both a 2010 20E & 2016 23B out in the yard. Sold the 20E to my brother when going bigger. Both good units. The biggest thing I noticed was the difference in the factory construction. Much better on the 20E. Very few problems from day one where as the I've had to fix a multitude of small things on the 23B that really should never had come from the factory. First trip , the valances all fell of the walls. Held on by one stripped screw at the top. Looked at the 20E and it had 3 screws across the top. The dealers fix was to "use bigger screw " so I quit using their service and did all the stuff myself. So many problems from the factory nowdays. All the forums read the same, get them out and let the dealers worry about them. 2 year warranty is a bit of a joke as they cannot get to you for 4-5 months so be sure to have the entire list if you take it back. Nowdays , I believe if you can't do most repairs yourself, you could be in trouble. Back to the 23B, nice floorplan and mostly good. Jack knife couch is a problem as its very uncomfortable and I'm looking at replacing it if possible. As far as hybrids go, I don't think you will find a better one at this time. My brother loves the 20 E too and all is still going good with it.
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You'll be fine with either 2012, 2014, or 2018....Like others said, just inspect the used ones carefully. We have a '04 23b and still going strong. No plans to get rid of it anytime soon. One day we'll upgrade to a newer model that don't still require the poles to hold up the bunk-ends....
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First off I cannot take credit for this shower curtain mod that solves the problem of water getting all over the place.
It requires 2 items from Home Depot at less or around $10.00. One is a ( U Mount Channel ) and the other one is a ( Backer Rod ).
You attach the Backer Rod to the wall vertically about 5-1/2" then lightly push in your shower curtain and hold it in with the Backer Rod.
Be back in a minute with another photo and SKU #s for you.
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