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Problem Child

Back in August we purchased a 2015 Greyhawk 31fs and decided to take an extended trip for its shakedown run. Little did we know the model we purchased was full of problems. We have slide out issues (binding, bent frame, seals), a creaking roof, broken dvd players, drawer bottoms falling out from kids clothes, a water leak that warped the sink cabinet and much more. We brought the MH to a local dealer as our dealer was several hours away and this dealer had our MH for almost a month and only fixed the dvd player and shower travel latch. They poorly applied putty to the original screw holes as the new one is somehow smaller than the original under bunk player and it is an eyesore. They never addressed the water leak, the s/o issues, or any of the other big items. My question to you seasoned folks: is this normal? I mean, are these coaches normally this rife with problems? Also, is the slow rate of completion and poor workmanship indicative of the dealers? Unfortunately, having left them with the MH for as long as I did I was unable to use it for the rest of the season because I had to bring it home and winterize/store it because of my upcoming deployment. I did call jayco motorized and was forced to leave a message several times with no response. I don't want to go lemon law on these folks and we like the coach but these problems seem like too much to be normal and Im not sure we can afford this after the warranty is up if it is normal. Help please!

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I have a dozen or small mostly small issues. Good luck and sorry you are having issues!!

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Oh i almost forgot, the thermostat on the furnace and the propane for the fridge were inop also...
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I feel the dealer that sold the unit to you has an obligation to maintain a good relationship with their customers. Another closer dealer does not really have that obligation to put you above the customers he established a relationship with, when he sold them a unit. If the dealer you purchased from contacts a dealer closer to you and they work out a deal to take care of your problems, that's great!

We have recently purchased a new Super C from a dealer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We live east of St. Louis, Missouri in southern Illinois. Basically for what we wanted, we could go to Atlanta, Georgia, Oklahoma City, Houston, Texas or Denver, Colorado. We hope our unit gives us little trouble, but if it does, my best source for good service is going to be in Grand Rapids.
Like everyone else, we hope to not have a lot of problems. We feel "Motor Homes 2 Go" (blatant plug) will give us great service. So far, they have done everything we've asked and gone way beyond just good business. I guess the statement is "stay tuned".

For your concerns, I'd recontact your original purchasing dealer and see if they can help you get things resolved.
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Sorry to hear about the problems. Every vehicle / motorhome/ boat manufacture will have a few lemons. I have spent alot of time researching class c motorhomes and have come to the conclusion that they are entry level even thought they are dressed up and look like a million dollar rig. They are just glorified moving trucks. During my research i found that some of the other manufactures in the simular price range as jayco have major problems such a leaking front caps split fiber glass roofs delamanation of the fiberglass slides. Jayco is not perfect either but most of the problems i have had personally or have read about on this forum can be easily repaired by a basic handyman. As for the dealer i pourposely choose a dealer close to my house just incase i had a major issue and needed to bring it in for service. One thing to consider is bringing it back to the factory to have the repairs fixed. I have read that owners who brought their rigs back have had great service. Also you have a two year warranty to get the bugs worked out. As i said before i have read about non jayco rigs devolping major problems after the one year warranty is up and the manufacrurers offer no assistance. Best of luck.
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Problems happen...

Hi RangerRob,

We had WAY more problems than what you had!

It was the first year that particular model was out, and it had a bunch of issues. Some of the issues were beyond what the dealer could handle, and as for the rest, well the unit would have been there for months.

So, we took it to the Jayco factory service center. At the factory, things move MUCH faster, as they don't have to get repairs authorized, wait for parts, work around not having special tools and equipment, etc.

They are super nice and efficient folks there, and really know how to get things done.

The unit was there for 4 days, and they did major repairs:

  • Removed both slides and replaced all of the weather stripping.
  • Removed the shower and re-installed it, and added a separate vent pipe just for the shower.
  • Replaced the black tank and associated plumbing.
  • Replaced the power steps, and some burnt wiring.
  • Replaced the toilet.
  • Replaced the back-up camera.
  • Replaced some non-functioning light fixtures.
  • Replaced broken drawer hinges.
  • And, did a bunch of other small stuff (Like the coach door lock jammed and couldn't be opened).
In our opinion, if you want it done fast, and can get to the factory, that is the way to go. There are free hook-ups at the factory, there is a nice KOA a few miles away, and there is a really nice motel very close to the factory.

We choose to rent a car and stay at the motel, and play tourist for 4 days. We made a mini vacation out of the trip... there is a LOT to see and do in the area. We went to the RV museum, the Shipshawana flea market, the Amish Heritage Center, every Amish restaurant we could find, etc.

If it's an option for you, it's a great way to get everything done, and have some fun too.
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Factory busy

When I spoke to them about a month ago they were booked up into March. Might be April by now. For us, that was too long to wait and would worry us about using it in early season, and the cost to us in fuel and tire/brake wear to take the 3000 mile round trip. Our local dealer will be doing the work this winter.
"I might be movin' to Montana soon..."

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It is unfortunate that many first time buyers are unfamiliar with what to expect from this industry.

It is reasonable to expect many problems with your unit, even from other manufacturers, because these are custom made units that move down the line and the line doesn't stop, so things don't get done.

It is reasonable to have problems with dealers, even the one you bought it from. They are normally backed up with work, tend to let their service repairmen go at the end of the season, and have to retrain newbie service repair workmen. The trend is this will get worse as the number of new owners continues to exceed percentage-wise the number of available service technicians and you can expect service costs to increase.

Many RV experienced owners won't buy new and suffer the warranty delays and list of fixes unless they plan on full-timing in the rig OR know they want and will not be selling, and are capable of doing most of the warranty repairs themselves.

In my opinion, the only way around the system is to understand this is a "toy" for the most part and that if you want something fixed it is best if you do it yourself as much as possible. So diy skills are critical for happy, relaxed, go with the flow rving.

Many will take issue with what I'm saying on the basis that they paid a lot of money and that they deserve to get a quality unit with minimal problems and quick reasonable turnaround service, but that is fanciful thinking as I understand it, with some exceptions.
For example, new Newmar buyers of their premium units have an option of going to the factory and paying around $3,500 for a technician to do a thorough inspection and fix before, takes about a week and a half, heading off into the distance with their new unit...a very savvy option.

Regardless, if you buy new, you are best advised to not leave the lot and accepted the unit until you have reasonably assured yourself, by doing your own inspection or hiring inspectors/mechanics, that the probability of having vacation ruining problems has been minimized temporarily as an RV drains a lot of money from owners as things constantly break down from all the little earthquakes the RV is exposed to.

Last week I inspected a nearly new Tiffin Allegro gas. In the front it road pretty well, but when I went into the rear it would have knocked me all over the place except for holding on tight.
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as long as buyers are willing to accept poorly made units with tons of problems as "normal" things will never change. the industry has no reason to change unless buyers hold them responsible for what they make.
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Absolutely rjackson, they are thriving on buyer's lack of awareness and assumptions that what they are buying is akin to a luxury car, with excellent quality and excellent service to be reasonably expected.

It is all about selling a dream to unsuspecting customers. After all it is a frivolous luxury entertainment item anyway for the most part...full-timers excepted...sorry, but when buying new I think frivolous works if you think deeply about it as experienced RV owners love picking up the great used RV deals out there for about 1/2 the original purchase price or less...at least that is my mindset.

Let others pick up the warranty repairs, lost time, and depreciation. If the used chassis is good, easy to upgrade the interior.

With all due respect and diy skills. I figure than a year of training in rv service repairs and inspections = a good $150k or more in savings for me on a used class A dp or $75k or more on a used Seneca.

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