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Our Pinnacle was ordered but with no option for upgrade tires and came with GY Marathon E rated ST's.

Knew I was going to upgrade but ran with the E's for a little over a year mainly in the West and SW and we travel about 9 months of the year so miles do add up.

Although no problems felt it was time to do the upgrade and put on Sailun LT's G rated. Much more comfortable since the upgrade. Our rig on the road weighs close to 15,400# and immediately noticed a huge difference in how much better the rig pulls and rides with the Sailun G's.

Yes tires can be expensive but to help protect the higher investment of our 5th wheel it was an easy choice.

Safe travels.


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I agree with the original poster. Get rid of the crappy stock rubber and go on vacation with your only worry being where is the next ice cream stop. I changed out in less than a 1000 miles and went with the 17.5 inch upgrade. Expensive yes but a wasted vacation over a damaged fifth wheel due to a blow out is way more costly to me.

It's only money....

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Our 197 was purchased new in 2012. The tires were toast after a couple of good trips. I took the trailer to a tire shop to have them replaced. The originals weren't even radials. We put on a size smaller radial. After a trip to Whitehorse and Yellowknife, they still look like new.
I can't say that I noticed any real difference in the way it handled with radials. I don't have a fancy hitch, but the little trailer never gives any static.

I agree that the trailers are delivered with the bare minimum for carrying capacity, because, as mentioned above, they are near capacity to start with. Most other "trailers" are empty and only deal with weight when "loaded".
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It's been like this in trailers for a long time now. As I have said (in full agreement with OP) the OEM tires are a method of getting the trailer out of the factory and should not be considered for actual use by human families.

Two weeks back we camped next to a new rig with one of it's fender trim pieces torn up. The guy was stuck in a construction zone when the tire blew up, he was thankful that he was not up to speed. He was forced to pull the flat about 5 miles in one lane traffic before pulling off the road.

Just factor in the cost of tires with any new rig and you will be fine. Personal choice is Maxxis with one upgrade in load range.
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Originally Posted by cariboocreek View Post
I agree with the original poster. Get rid of the crappy stock rubber and go on vacation with your only worry being "if the rig will fit in the" next ice cream stop.
Fixed! Lol

As I have mentioned in a couple other threads the exact reasons have been stated here why I will be swapping tires come spring. Going up one load rating for more "cushion", and higher speed rating for scan more "cushion".

Our stock tires exceed the gvwr by a little bit, but having the extra cushion all the way around will be nice....
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Our Skylark came with Goodyear Marathons. We put over 16,000 miles on them before we had a tread separation after four years. I replaced them with Goodyear Marathons. However, I will keep track of the mileage and replace them when they get 15,000 on them. Wheel well clearance is a problem on the skylark so going up in outside diameter is a problem. That leaves you with very few tire choices.
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I have to buy new tires before the next camping season. So I have started my research. I have had zero issues with my TowMax, knock on wood. If I do it will be my fault for not replacing them sooner than later due to weather checking.

I have a different thought on why stock tires have issues, and I may be totally wrong here. As we all know only some people have issues with the tires. Here is my thought as possibly why from observations. I travel a bit for work, and am on I-90 a fair amount. I see a LOT of new trailers in transport. Everything from PU to MH. I would say 30-40 percent of the TTs and 5vers are not setup correctly to be towed. By that most often, the unit is nose high by a lot. Which puts a lot more stress on the one set of tires. The worse I saw was a 5ver, that the front wheels had virtually no weight on them at all. I suspect people who have issues with factory stock tires are those trailers that are transported from the manufacture to the dealer with improper hitch arrangement. But that is just my 2 cents. I just wish I could verify my theory.
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I believe our X23B came with TM's and we put around 8500 mi on them with zero problems. I did add a pressure monitor to my toy collection in response to threads like this and became a fanatic about tire pressure and my speed for the same reason.
The 5th also came with TM's and 2 of them failed in a 75 mile stretch last year with a 3rd ready to fail with about 7800 miles on them.
So I'm no fan of the TM tire.
Some folks just seem to have tire issues and others not at all.
The 23B was a light TT and the 5th is heavy so I suspect that's part of the equation.
After the failures we bought a set of G614's and I'm anticipating a long life from them. I also credit the pressure monitor with preventing damage to the 5th so IMHO everyone should have one.

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Originally Posted by SkyBound View Post
Here's my take on it. Are the stock tires lower quality? Yes. Would I buy the same tires when replacement time comes? No.

BUT. The current TowMax tires on my trailer so far have been fine. Maybe I'm just lucky, but there is no reason for me to get rid of them prematurely. As others have mentioned, signs of imminent failure have showed themselves after minimal use, and in that case, I would replace them. I watch my tires very closely for these reasons and will try to run them one more season until they are 4-5 years old, then replace.

If money wasn't an object then I would have all of them replaced immediately. But the reality of life is that there are a ton of other priorities and expenses that sometimes require you to just run with what you've got if it works.
This is right where I am, and to an extent I agree with you.

In fact I wonder if my post was one of the instigators for Crabman creating this thread. My Towmax tires are in imminent failure mode. Luckily, and 100% because I'm an active member of this forum and have read about all the tire problems, I caught the problem before it became a SERIOUS problem on the side of the road. I watched those tires like a hawk for the last 2 years; constantly inspecting them and measuring them at every stop and staring at them in my mirrors going down the road. I was ALWAYS worrying about a blowout. Watching my neighbor repair damage caused to his 5er by a blowout didn't do much to ease my mind. Nor did DW who said "stop worrying about it, they wouldn't put them on there if they were unsafe". Or my dad who insisted that the tires were NOT the weak link for a loaded trailer, even though I KNOW they are.

I agree that I would like to get the most out of the factory tires that I can. Spending $5-600 outfitting a trailer right off the lot that should have been equipped properly from the beginning doesn't give me warm and fuzzies. But being brutally honest with myself, I know I will feel A LOT better when I can relax some and not constantly be thinking about my tires. Same thing with the truck for me; I upgraded my truck because I was on the margin, and while I have less money in my pocket for it, I have MUCH more comfort out on the road.

So now, my trailer is 2 years old, has one tire about to go, and I can no longer trust ANY of the current tires, so it's replacement time. I will most likely go with the recommended Maxxis M8008 tires in the original size, but one load range up, just as Crabman suggests. This will give me PLENTY of cushion for weight capacity. I will likely sleep better at night after the change out; albeit with a little less jangle in my pocket.

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Yeah its not just what you hear on the forum, its what you hear from folks around you as well that lead me to believe this is a real issue. My FIL had a blowout on his fiver doing considerable damage and another inlaw relative had a interstate blowout on his less then 2 year old Innsbruck TT which also tore up the wheel well and floor, and this guy is super anal about maintainance. He was told his trailer had the cheapest tires you could buy installed by the factory.

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