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I haven't had any myself (yet, knock on wood) but my dear late husband had one big one I have to share. The whole trip was one big boner after another.

I have always had vintage campers, my first was a 12 foot '69 Santa Fe that I bought when we moved to Seward, Alaska.

My husband and his buddy decided they wanted to go moose hunting and take my little camper. Buddy had a big old truck and seemed more knowledgable than my hubby so I said ok. (My husband, bless his heart, was a great guy but just not the outdoor handyman type at all) I warned them, what ever you do don't leave the keys inside the camper, it has a tendancy to lock automatically if you slam the door and you will be locked out.

So off they went, drove to Tok, Alaska to go moose hunting. They told me if I don't hear from them by 11am on Saturday to call the police to search for them. (they were both Coast Guard so took this very seriously as they search for missing people all the time)

Sat comes around and it's 11am, no word from them. I know them, I know they just are getting a late start etc. so I wait. I wait till 1pm and still no word. Finally I call the state police and tell them where to start looking for them.

At 2:30 I finally get a call saying they are on the road, got a late start, had a few mishaps but all is ok and they will tell me about it when they get home.
So I call the police and tell them to call off the search which they do.

The guys arrive home and come to find out...they had left the keys in the camper and it locked them out at night. So they had to decide to break a window or the lock to get in (they broke the lock).

Then when it came to leave they over slept, quickly packed up and headed home. They were doing about 70 on the highway when all of a sudden the trailer comes off the hitch. Luckily they had the chains on but the pole (whose actual technical name escapes me now) was down low enough to drag the highway. Sparks were flying as it dug a 1 inch groove into the road until they could safely stop. It melted the end of the pole of course.

I was so mad (especially about having to call the police) that I chased them both around the yard for a bit.

We drove that little camper to Juneau, took it on the ferry. Sold it. Moved to Anchorage where I bought a '57 Shasta. Hubby got a little handier over the years and here it is dipnetting in Soldotna back in 2010.

Bought a '04 Jayco last summer after moving back home to OK to be close to family and am having to learn how to tow something much bigger and use all the plumbing and stuff I never had to do before. But very glad to be back out camping with my kids. Their dad loved to camp and I am sure he is smiling from above to.

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Thanks for the story.

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Originally Posted by SecretCoveDave View Post
OK, first trip in new TT.

Never owned one before.

Had checklists from a few sources.

Delegated outside to me, and inside to DW.

With much enthusiasm I ticked off my items in record speed.

Impatiently asked DW to get a move on, the hwy. beckoned.

She finally emerged, and put her foot on the step I had stowed, as per checklist; 15 mins. earlier.

That was not my biggest mistake.

Laughing, was however.

Quiet drive that day.
Glad she was not hurt and we can all laugh with you. My wife and I have our own jobs in setup/breakdown and we have been doing this long enough to know that the sequence of tasks is as important as the task itself. We have this one thing we always say when the task comes to early it's: "you are working against me". It might be something as simple as me pulling power while she is running the floor sweeper and I hear this: you are working against me.
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Well here is one I have yet to hear. New trailer first night home kids have yet to see it. I moved up from a pup to a 297BHS. I have never owned a TT before. I explained DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. Next thing I hear is somebody using the bath room. Well I never told my 6 year old not to use it. My bad. Not a big deal I will just open the black tank and drain it down the driveway later that night. I knew it was empty, when I bought it the guy opened it to show me it was empty. I open it and there is nothing there. I Wonder why. Well I will fix this, I will just take a hose inside and add a little water to the toilet to dilute the pee and flush it out. What came out of that sewer hose was probably a year worth of caked on s%&t. Well I am never one to get freaked out or embarrassed, but did I ever. It took me an hour to clean the driveway. and took me a couple weeks to admit doing something so bad. Did I say I live in a subdivision. There were two (2) things that were going through my mind during the clean up. 1) there is NO WAY this just happened. and 2) Cousin Eddie, need I say more.
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Thanks for being so honest.

Yes, you did make me feel better. lol
2010 Jayco Feather Sport 22'6" (sold)DrawTite,12,000 lbs. 2017 Jayco 212 QBW BAJA (bought)
2011 Ford F-150 XLT SCab 4x4 Tow Package
"If you can't be smart; be stubborn.". DG.
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A week and a half long trip to the U.P of Michigan and the day we are heading home, I go to hook up the TV. I normally NEVER remove the wheel chocks or brake (the one that holds the tires from moving in between the two) until the camper is on the ball and the torsion bars are hooked up but for some reason this time I did. I went to back up the Yukon, and I didn't have the tongue up high enough and I bumped it, the camper moved just enough to fall off the the linx levelers (4 on each wheel road side). The camper rolled back, bent the tongue jack, I was saying words I havent said since I was a teen and Im sure every mother in the campground was covering their kids ears at the time... Fortunitly I had a jack and some tools with me, so I was able to get the camper hooked up and the tongue jack removed so we could start our two day trip home.
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- Forgot to fold down the antenna and drove off tearing it off on a tree

- Forgot to unplug the pigtail (travel power cord) due to neighbor asking me questions during my set up. Never again do I get out of my routine. I ask them to wait until I am setup. I pulled ahead and ripped the tip off my power cord.

- I forgot to turn my shutoff valves to the hot water heater. Could not figure out why 3 gallons of antifreeze did not work. Mind you I had a 12 gallon hot water heater . Oops lol
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I've got a good one that just happened to me. The night before I was scheduled to leave on a 10 day camping trip I was getting the trailer ready. I had pulled the pin on the breakaway switch and stored it in the compartment so it wouldn't get lost or stolen. I figured I'd just put it back next time I went camping. DON'T DO THIS. The plug totally melted. I thought I had hooked up my batteries wrong or my camper had been hit by lightning or something serious. Figured out the cause after a little online research. Luckily I was able to buy a replacement breakaway switch and install it the next morning without it impacting my trip, but I was freaking out for a while that evening.
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-Running out of gas head up up a steep mountain on a 2 lane highway. (Note to self: Miles till empty gauge not accurate unless you are level)

-Almost jack knifing my rig to the point the trailer's electric connector wire was got caught and was crimped & damaged.

-One of our nieces or nephews left the water running in the bathroom and within minutes later there a pool of water dripping out of the front door. Luckily there was no water damage, but was a mess!
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Well... I finally had a completely avoidable snafu. Unfortunately it was on the maiden voyage with our brand new 29.5BHDS. I use the TV electrical connecter at the bumper hitch, as I don't have one in the bed of the truck. No big deal as most 5er cords are long enough and made for this. Well when I hooked this one up, I noticed it was really long! Long enough to drag on the ground. I was in a hurry and coiled it back into the pinbox and said good enough. 120 miles later, I pulled into a state park to fill our tank for boondocking. Our my way back I noticed about 1 foot cord was dragging on the asphalt and must have been for almost the entire way. Worn right through to the copper in several of the wires. I don't know how but all of the lights still worked so I used some rope and tied a coil together and shoved it back into the pin box. It got us home but now it needs repair.

Something that I have "learned" many times, but still don't always comply with. Don't get in a hurry! Every bit of damage I have ever done to anything is as a result of it.

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