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Arrow Which hybrid should I buy? (here are all the weights)

My 2001 Pathfinder has 5300 Towing Capacity.

2018 and 2017 X17Z - Dry Weight 3415 GVWR 4500 but it seems cramped
2018 19XUD - Dry Weight 3700 GVWR 4650 too heavy?
2017 19XUD - Dry Weight 3595 GVWR 4500 ideal? *********
2018 X19H - Dry Weight 3705 GVWR 4950 too heavy? plus no popout so less space
2017 X19H - Dry Weight 3595 GVWR 4950 is this too much? plus no popout so less space
2018 X23B - Dry Weight 4205 GVWR 5350 over but that's just capacity
2017 X23B - Dry Weight 4205 GVWR 4950 not a lot of cargo!

Hi there - I have NEVER been RV camping but find the idea appealing so I am renting a TT this spring and have done about a million hours of online research in the last month! YouTube is AWESOME. I also visited all of the local RV retailers here in the Austin area yesterday. I have a question I think only you owners can answer at this point.

I have a 2001 Pathfinder that's rated at 5300 towing capacity. Only 124k miles on it and I've treated it very well - it's my Dog Car (I have a sweet 93 Miata for my People Car/Commuter). I installed a good hitch and brake controller at Uhaul last week. I am very comfortable driving in adverse conditions but don't want to damage my beloved Pathfinder. I am not going to upgrade my cars anytime soon.

I want to camp with my mother (she's cool), and want some separation between us when we camp. The hybrid layout is ideal because it's a queen at either end. I also want a dry bath so Jayco seems like it has the best options. I'm a little concerned it may be loud as we want to go to music festivals, but I think if it's loud, it's loud and it would be loud even in a non-hybrid.

I found a beautiful like-new 2017 X17Z on Craig's List and was all set to buy it before I realized the 19XUD, X19H, and X23B are all bigger and at least the 19's don't add that much more weight. They also have double axels which seems safer. The X23B seems like the perfect layout, but it's right up at my tow capacity and maybe the 19s would be better. I probably won't be taking a bunch of stuff - no kids or toys, etc. I'm leading toward the 19XUD.

Also, it looks like the 2017 models are lighter than the 2018 models - is this accurate or some sort of sales trickery (left off options or something), or would the improved technology (is that a thing in RVs?) of the 2018 models make them more equal in some way? Maybe they engineered them to be more towable? OK, I'm just making stuff up.

And hey, while we are at it, what do you think about the new colors in the 2018 s the 2017s? They lightened them up a lot, but I kind of like the more cherry wood color of the 2017s. What do you think about the change?

ALSO, I have dogs - pretty small ones but they are scrappy! Are they going to damage the pleather sofas and seats? Should I get cloth? I only saw the pleather in the dealership and found it comfortable and attractive (though dark). What do you think about the durability of cloth vs pleather?

If you live in the Austin area then an extra HELLO! I will start another thread about places to camp if I get a trailer but feel free to PM me if you have thoughts on that. Part of me thinks getting a trailer is crazy when it takes a whole day just to leave Texas - just fly places and rent a trailer or stay in hotels for the same expense.

Lots to respond to on this rainy Sunday. Go!

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Looking at this one:
2017 Jayco Jay Feather 7 19XUD #17-96 | Link RV Minong, Wisconsin in Minong, WI Wisconsin

I wonder what transport fees are.........

Anyone want to drive it to Texas? #kiddingnotkidding

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Welcome to the forum and happy trailer shopping.

You seem to have done some homework on trailers (TTs). You need to do some more homework finding the PAYLOAD of your Pathfinder (TV). Usually the PAYLOAD it is on a sticker on the driver side door frame.

The PAYLOAD is everything IN and ON your TV (people, tents, food, ice, etc.) PLUS the tongue weight of your TT. The TT tongue weight can be calculated by the TT's GVWR * 0.15

You'll find that TVs hit the PAYLOAD limit before they reach the towing capacity.

You also need to find out the weight capacity of your TV hitch and if your TV can use a weight distributing hitch.

How's that for a homework assignment?
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Google says its about 1200 lbs. 15percent of 5000lbs is 750 lbs hitch weight. Leaving you for 450 lbs in the TV. Everything.. even fuel has to be accounted for.
I think your TV is not up to hauling that much trailer.

We have a TT that has a GVWR of 3600 lbs towing with a truck with a tow rating of 5000 lbs. It has a payload of 1500 lbs but if we were to tow your trailer we would have a sad experience.
The weight of the trailer that we have is appropriate for our truck performance. It does get up hills without overworking.. We're not moving to heavier TT until we have beefier TV.

I agree with OldmanAZ do that homework and be brutally honest about what you will carry in your TV. For us we carry a repair kit, fresh water hauling tank ( not with the water) an extra propane tank and often bicycles plus assorted lumber and leveling devices..
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The hitch:
Weight Carry Capacity 5000 lbs
Tongue Load Rating 500 lbs
Weight Distribution 5500 lbs

The Pathfinder:
GVWR/PNBV 5300 lbs
GCWR 9500 lbs
GAWR/PNBE FR 2650 lbs
GAWR/PNBE RR 2850 lbs
Curb Weight 4299

So my payload capacity is 5300 - 4299 which is only 1001 lbs.
The GVWR of just the X17Z is 3500 * .15 = 525 lbs
Which leaves 476 lbs of cargo and people. Just the people alone would be 300.
That leaves 176 for cargo in the TV.

Jeez, I may be stuck in pop-up land!

Let's just see what the 16xrv would be:
GVWR is 2850 * .15 = 427.5
Which leaves 573.5 lbs for cargo and people. Still not great if people are 300.
That leaves 273 for cargo in the TV.

Now does that 273 include gas or is that included in the curb weight? Maybe I can make this hybrid thing work.
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This is a cool calculator!
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I don't believe so. 20 gal x approx 8 lbs per gal=160 lbs
I think you will be really be pushing the limits of that poor engine.
You need a repair kit for both trailer and tow vehicle. We carry two jacks and the spare tire plus a tool kit and lumber for camping
On soggy surfaces.
Just that repair stuff weighs about 60 lbs I am guessing

We have the same size engine you do
Be very conservative
Do you have a transmission cooler?
We do. Otherwise our small engine would be toast
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At 120 k your Pathfinder has just about everything well used that has not been replaced. The numbers you see are for a 100% vehicle. Yours is well below that.

At this point if you really feel you have to go that heavy on a trailer it is time to consider a replacement. Maybe a used pickup that has more capacity to start with so you have a cushion.

Hate to hear you were going down a road and a ball joint, axel, transmission or engine fell out on the road. Especially if it caused a wreck.
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That's a good point.
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I just bought a 2013 Ridgeline RTL.

Would love to see pics of your setup.


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19xud, hybrid, weight, x19h, x23b

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